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Some random awesome things I found on the Internet tonight:

Finally, a Beckham I can like

A few things on my mind:

First things first: My White Sox beat the boys from the North Side today. It wasn’t an epic game of any kind, but boy oh boy, did Gordon Beckham save the day! I only managed to catch the last 3 innings of today’s Crosstown Classic, but seriously, it was like watching two snails try to race each other on a foot-long course. One team barely pulled ahead when the other caught up. It felt real good to see Scott Podsednik hitting it up again though. Kind of unreal to think that just a while ago ago he wasn’t even with the Sox anymore, what with his injuries and all. I’m glad we picked him back up again this year.

Numero Dos: Last week, my brother had randomly texted me the following while I was at work: “USA beats number one spain 2 to 0 in the semifinals.” I was so confused at first, I didn’t think he was talking about soccer — because, of course, what were the chances of a second-rate team like the U.S. beating the number one team in the world? I’m still in shock. Anyway, tomorrow’s the FIFA Confederations Cup final, and it’s the U.S. against Brazil. Hopefully we can compete well. I still have trouble grasping the fact that somebody my own age (freaking Jozy Altidore) helped to break Spain’s winning streak. A whole year until the World Cup! Yay.

Third: I didn’t really get to pay attention much to the NBA draft this year, so I don’t really have much to say about it. I did get to hear about the big blockbuster trades, though: Shaq to Cleveland, and Vince Carter to the Magic. I’ll miss Alston and Lee on the Magic; I grew to be fans of them during the playoffs. And honestly, I don’t know if Shaq’s got much left in him. I don’t think he’ll be the answer LeBron James is looking for.