I am somehow, miraculously, still alive

There’s a rumbling outside and I’ve been debating for the past few minutes on whether it is a looming thunderstorm or just a volcano making some ruckus. Loving how things like that are even options here.

At any rate, my epic adventure in Panama has now passed with a blur. It literally was just 5 straight days of awesomeness: snorkeling and swimming with fish (including jellyfish, eeks!) by day, and insane Jersey Shore-esque drinking marathons by night. I returned to San Joaquin, Costa Rica late Sunday afternoon, and have been detoxing ever since.

I have a plethora of stories to share, but considering several of them somehow involve very illegal things and other non-illegal but still very inappropriate things, I feel I must — for once — censor myself. I do, however, have several pictures to show off!

Accompanied by several Panamanian children we met at the border.

More pictures

I did manage to accomplish the following in Panama:

  • Attain free beer at the border (in what manner, I will not say…LOL)
  • Drunkenly jump into the Caribbean in my underwear
  • Get stung by a small, innocent jellyfish (I say innocent because there did not appear to be any serious harmful effects from it)
  • Barter down every vendor I performed transactions with, saving roughly $6 on the few souvenirs I purchased
  • Meet a handful of people from all over the world, including Canada, UK, Germany, Cuba, and more
  • Jump off the roof of a bar (Aqua Lounge = AWESOME) and into the sea (greatest accomplishment of the list, I must say)
  • Snorkel with some of the most colorful fish I’d ever seen (except in Finding Nemo)
  • All these, amongst others…