Not a bad thing…or is it?

The following is a blog entry I started in mid-April…the draft’s been sitting in the queue for a while, so I thought I’d finish it before going on to the real juicy stuff you’ll soon see at the end:

So you know how in my last post I didn’t have any travel plans yet for 2014? Yeah, about a week after that I ended up booking a trip to Puerto Rico with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends. Then a month after that we set off for the commonwealth.

It was a grand ol’ time — went to the beach, rode ATVs, hiked through a rainforest, fought quite a few times Jersey Shore-style, got bit up ridiculously by who knows what kind of bugs, and made friends with a few iguanas.

Relaxing at the beach With my new iguana friend

I also completely blew through my money. After spending so much for my cousin’s wedding in January, I swore to be more frugal. Yeah, that went down the drain when I spent a week on vacation in March and also had to give my mom money for the Philippines when she had to go home a couple months ago for my grandfather’s funeral (he died late February).

The other big reason I’ve blown through my cash? Well in Puerto Rico we stayed at the Gran Meliá resort, where I had some of the best sleep of my life. It may be that my regular bed at home was just that shitty (it’s more than 20 years old, used to belong to my aunt, and was constantly giving me back pains), or the beds at the resort were just that great. But anyway, after returning home the crappy sleep I was having again seemed crappier than before. So I dragged my mom to the mall and went mattress shopping. There I made my first real big girl purchase (since my car in 2011 at least) — a full-sized “plush” mattress complete with a pillowtop!

It was a real impulse buy by my standards; I totally went into the store not knowing what the heck to look for or what my budget was. With discounts and everything the mattress came to around $850 that I am now paying off monthly. How has it been so far? Well the first couple of nights were magical. I slept like a baby and woke up not feeling sore at all! Moreover, I was able to actually jump out of bed like a normal human being instead of wallowing around with my face in the pillows hitting snooze after snooze. But alas, a month has now passed and I’m back to my lazy ways where it takes one-plus hour for me to get out of bed in the mornings. Perhaps I’m doomed that way.

Now for the real news. Why is it big important stuff? Well because as I previously mentioned, the grand vacation I took to Puerto Rico a couple months ago was with someone I called my boyfriend. And well, now, he’s not anymore. Yes that’s right ladies and gentleman — I got dumped. My heart broken. Whatever you call it. Not to get all emotional here, but since it’s been only one week since said dumping, my mind is still in a bit of a shamble. I guess you can say I really am growing up. Now I’ve got my first real grown-up breakup under my belt. Not sure it’s one of those things I’m proud of. But that is the numero uno cosa on my mind today.

Cheers. =\

London calling

In less than 24 hours, I will (hopefully, if there aren’t any pesky delays) be on a plane headed for London. All by myself.

I will venture onto the Tube and head to my hostel. All by myself.

I will wander around the city, look for food, do touristy things. All by myself.

My parents don’t really know this. I have a good friend who lives in England, but as she is a busy flight attendant I’m not sure she’d have time to come see me. So all in all, I will be by myself. I’m scared, terrified, excited, and so ready at the same time.

Some people understand and are excited for me. Some people don’t get it. Who knows.

But as is my nature, I have less than 24 hours to go until lift off. I’m barely packed, my hair is wet, and I am not as prepared as I’d like to be.

Fuck alla that. I’m going to bed!

Signs I am getting old

I went on a Groupon-searching spree tonight. I never had much interest in the site until recently, and today I went digging for…facial and massage services. I know, it’s not that big a deal, but as someone who’d always prided herself on NOT needing “that fancy crap” I’m slowly eating my words now. I haven’t bought any Groupons yet, but there’s a couple of nice $35 deals I have my eyes on that I will likely buy come Friday. I’m trying really hard to keep my body in better shape and condition (not just fitness-wise, but healthy-wise mentally and physically and all that jazz), so I’ll just have to suck it up and start going to these things like a normal grown woman should.

Other signs I’m getting old? Well today I started really planning out my London trip—namely, looking for places to stay. I found a nice chain of hostels and have been debating between staying in the more “party” hostel or the quieter female-only one. Oh, what the heck, I’m not really debating because I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with female-only hostel. It just sounds safer, and since I will likely be sojourning solo, safer sounds a lot better than more fun. Scary thing is, I know the me from 2.5 years ago would be like, “What are you THINKIN’?!” and the present me just wants to flick her off. I don’t want to end up like those girls in Taken-esque movies!

Sign #3 I’m getting old: I started browsing for bridesmaids dresses. My cousin is getting married in a year, and she put me in semi-charge. So I did my duty tonight and started browsing. I’m practically salivating at the sight of so many pretty dresses. I hope more of my friends start getting married soon because this is fun!

It gets harder and harder

…to update this blog! Seriously!

Costa Rica was amazing. It was like I never left, but at the same time so much had changed in the 1.5 years since I studied abroad there. So much happened (like semi-jumping off a waterfall!) that I will have to discuss later (as I still have to do about my previous experiences there, heh!), but I definitely would like to see myself moving there again in the near future.

Unofficial, as usual, was a blast. I’m starting to lose the thirst for college life, though. It’s taken nearly a year, but I’m starting to feel like post-college life ain’t too bad. Champaign-Urbana will always have a place in my heart, but there’s a whole world out there too.

Sadly I’ve made the decision to NOT go see J. Cole. Mostly because A) my friend is being so flaky, and B) I need to save my money for Miami! That’s right, I just booked my flight to South Beach for Cinco de Mayo weekend with some girlfriends. I am extremely excited about this. I was in Miami for both my layovers during the Costa Rica trip, and just BEING in that airport made me all tingly. So many sexy Latino men wandering about! Weekend getaway in Miami? Checking that off my list for the year. 🙂

Other than all that, life is peachy. I have an actual job (well, I’m still working my part-time job too, but I’ve gotten so used to working 50+ hours a week I can’t imagine doing any less), my family’s doing dandy, I’ve been staying in touch steadily with college friends, and I’ve got travel plans. What more can a girl ask for?!

This article accurately sums up how I feel right now.


It’s settled! I’m traveling back to Costa Rica in March of 2012!! Booked my flight last night, will be flying out on March 12 and spending 9 glorious, wonderful days in my favorite Central American country. I’m bringing two friends with me, girls who were originally planning on going to Mexico next month but decided to tag along with me instead. Not to mention, some of my old study abroad friends might meet up with me over there!! I’m going back to a real beach, the place where I was blissfully and unequivocally happy. Life is wonderful!!! I have something to look forward to again!!!