Hello again

It feels like years since I’ve last blogged. But it hasn’t, it’s only been about 4 months.

What has happened since then, you ask?

  • I moved to a new house. Or rather, my parents moved to a new house and I followed. It’s in the same town, so nothing too drastic. Except now instead of the awesome dark teal room I’d enjoyed the past 6 years, I got stuck with a very vibrant pink room. Safe to say it does not match my tomboy personality. But I’ve grown accustomed to it (and as you can see from my newest theme, the pink has gradually made its way onto this blog).
  • I went to the Kentucky Derby for the very first time. Didn’t bet a dime, got all my clothes soaking wet in the monsoon rain, and happily watched as everyone around me in the infamous infield got supremely wasted and passed out in the mud. I also got pretty inebriated myself, but thankfully I did not pass out in the mud. Fun times.
  • We also went to the Mammoth Cave National Park the day after the Derby. And ziplined!
  • I quit my part-time retail gig. It was a pretty momentous occasion. Now I’m working only 40 hours a week at an office job like a normal person. The free time has graciously allowed me to return to this blog.
  • I got rejected for a promotion at my full-time job. But then at my performance review shortly after, I got a raise. So in the end everything was alright.
  • I introduced my boyfriend to the parents. While it sounds momentous in name, in actuality it really wasn’t. My dad briefly chatted with him outside while he (my dad) was grilling, but we all went our separate ways as the boy and I went to the 4th of July festival and my parents headed to the casino (where else would middle-aged Asian parents go on such a holiday?).

And that is what’s been happening in a nutshell. There is actually way more I should add to the list, but alas it is near my bedtime so I gotta wrap it up. I’ll conclude by gleefully noting that I am heading to New York City on Thursday for a weekend reunion with college friends. IT’S GOING TO BE FUN.

Putting some things back in order

A lot of progress today! Changed the navigation around on this new layout, and I think I’m pretty pleased with the end result. It’s like I’d almost forgotten how much fun it is to design (albeit mine are rather lame) layouts and code CSS. What you see here (above) is a photo I took last summer while flying over Aklan province in the Philippines. We were heading back to Manila from Boracay, and viewing a sunset while actually in the sky and up in the clouds was actually pretty awesome. I also have some awesome photos from Koh Samui, from my fantastic vacation in the most beautiful villa I ever stayed. Can’t wait to share that with you, guys. I also updated pretty much all of the pages on this here blog, and when you consider that I only do that about every 1.5 years, I’d say tonight was quite productive. I don’t know how I used to do this all the time before when I was a student. You’d think that once I had no more homework to do for the rest of my life, I’d find more time to dedicate to this place…

In other news, I deactivated my Facebook account Monday morning. That means it’s been nearly 4 whole days since I last checked or interacted with anyone on Facebook. Reason why? I just didn’t feel like interacting with anyone anymore. A couple days ago I was very angry with a lot of people in my life, feeling abandoned and ill-used and all that. So I cut the cord. The feeling’s quite great, actually. I feel less chained to my phone now and to social media in general. Eventually I know I’ll make my way back, but in the meantime I think I’m going to enjoy this.

As for the health issue I mentioned previously, I’m starting to wonder if there’s nothing physically wrong with me at all, which is a good thing really, but in the end would also suck because then I feel like I’ve wasted everyone’s time and money. My EKG last Friday came out normal, my doctor said my blood test was normal, and today I went in to get a chest X-ray. If that turns out to be normal, well then I’m going to feel like I just cried ‘wolf’ or something. I have been having these chest pains, though, on and off for at least a year. I’m 22 years old, that can’t be normal. There just has to be something wrong with me.

I’m having difficulties

I’m seriously starting to believe I have some sort of anger issue(s). Issues that may require medication so that they don’t keep manifesting in these annoying bouts of ill health. Last Thursday I was having anxiety attacks and chest pains at work, and when I mentioned this to my parents they promptly flipped out and nearly dragged me to the ER. The next day, Friday—which was supposed to be the first day of my glorious 4-day Memorial Weekend staycation—my parents made me go to the doctor’s office, causing me to cancel all my exciting plans for the day (mainly, the beach!). We don’t know what’s wrong with me yet, or even if there is anything wrong with me (I’m really just convinced it’s all psychological), but my parents won’t rest until they’re certain. As for me…well I’m doing the best I can not to consume copious amounts of beer right now, because my mother is convinced my “alcoholic drinking” is the main cause for my health woes. (I swear I’m not an alcoholic. In fact I think I drink a perfectly normal amount for a 22-year-old who likes to party when she gets the chance.)

And what are the reasons for my incredibly foul, angry mood? There’s been some rather unsavory drama happening in my life. Long story short, I felt betrayed by a friend’s shady behavior, and what was once a schoolgirl crush has now quickly disappeared into thin air thanks to said shady behavior. Ugh, just thinking about the whole ordeal is making my blood boil again.

In other news, there’s a new theme up. Literally took me about three hours, probably the fastest I’ve ever whipped a layout into shape for this blog. But I really was just getting sick of the old one, and I’m determined to get the ball rolling again on this blogging thing. How I’m going to do that, I haven’t determined yet.

The thing is, times have changed. When I first blogged on the Internet, I was probably around 12 or 13 years old. No one knew who I was. I was just a kid writing random journal entries for strangers to see, first by hand, then with software like Graymatter, b2, yada yada (anyone remember those days?). I was always just a student ranting and raving about teenage life. If you go to my personal website, you’ll find content there that was written five, six years ago. Now I’m in my twenties and no longer a student. Social media has made it impossible to keep online and real-life identities separate. Many people in real life know I have a blog. And with my job, I understand now why it’s so important to keep the toes on the line when divulging personal details online. And it’s just irritating, because the Internet was supposed to be this vast place where I could carve out my own little corner and write about annoying troubles live was giving me.

OK, I’m not really sure where that rant was going. But blogging doesn’t seem to be as much fun as it used to. I haven’t decided whether to create an entirely new blog (along with a more carefully hidden online identity), but I don’t want to let go of this domain just yet. We’ll see.

We’ll see where this damn life takes me!

Hooray for being productive

I’m exhausted and I feel like I’ve worked an entire, laborious 9-to-5 workday (except without the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be paid for it). Here’s what I managed to do:

  • Fixed my virus problem! A few weeks ago (a couple of days after I returned from the Philippines, to be exact) my Windows unexpectedly went nuts on me. Everything disappeared, leaving just my wallpaper for me to look at. When the Start bar reappeared, my anti-virus software kept popping up to inform me there was a serious security threat to my computer (as if I hadn’t already caught onto that, laptop). After my anti-virus quarantined the threats, everything seemed fine…except my programs wouldn’t launch. My anti-virus and Sticky Notes wouldn’t launch upon start, and everything else would give me an “Open with…” prompt. Eventually I was able to use my laptop’s programs by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator,” but even I knew that wasn’t a proper solution; some programs still wouldn’t start, and in fact, my Adobe Reader started effing up on me and I couldn’t view PDFs for a while. After a lot of Googling, I fiddled around with the registry and downloaded this program. Now everything seems to be back to normal…for now.
  • I went through this blog’s pages and updated/re-wrote a few things here and there. I’ve also decided to be more proactive with my social media outlets (which in themselves are very few) and went through them, adjusting settings and cleaning up links. I’m keeping links to my Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts off this website for now, although I’m sure if anyone really wanted to and tried they could probably find me anyways. I’m also reviving the use of my LJ, though for what purposes I still don’t know yet. My domain plans will have to be explained further in a later post.
  • Looked for more ways to beef up my profile and more jobs to apply to. This is self-explanatory.

…and I know there’s more that I did but now it’s past midnight, thunderstorms are rumbling, and I’m dead tired.

This life of mine

Welps, I just spent my entire day crafting a new layout for this blog. And you know what, it feels good. Like I legit got something done today. It sort of commemorates this new phase in my life, the post-study abroad me. And even though I’ll probably be drowning in sadness just gazing upon this lone palm tree I encountered in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, hey at least now I can go and try on all the goods I bought at the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual today while waiting to pick up my brother.

(An FYI: This blog entry’s title is my rough English translation of the new theme’s name, “Qué Vida La Mía,” which in turn was named after the song by Mexican pop/rock band Reik. Just in case, ya know, you were wondering.)