Not a bad thing…or is it?

The following is a blog entry I started in mid-April…the draft’s been sitting in the queue for a while, so I thought I’d finish it before going on to the real juicy stuff you’ll soon see at the end:

So you know how in my last post I didn’t have any travel plans yet for 2014? Yeah, about a week after that I ended up booking a trip to Puerto Rico with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends. Then a month after that we set off for the commonwealth.

It was a grand ol’ time — went to the beach, rode ATVs, hiked through a rainforest, fought quite a few times Jersey Shore-style, got bit up ridiculously by who knows what kind of bugs, and made friends with a few iguanas.

Relaxing at the beach With my new iguana friend

I also completely blew through my money. After spending so much for my cousin’s wedding in January, I swore to be more frugal. Yeah, that went down the drain when I spent a week on vacation in March and also had to give my mom money for the Philippines when she had to go home a couple months ago for my grandfather’s funeral (he died late February).

The other big reason I’ve blown through my cash? Well in Puerto Rico we stayed at the Gran Meliá resort, where I had some of the best sleep of my life. It may be that my regular bed at home was just that shitty (it’s more than 20 years old, used to belong to my aunt, and was constantly giving me back pains), or the beds at the resort were just that great. But anyway, after returning home the crappy sleep I was having again seemed crappier than before. So I dragged my mom to the mall and went mattress shopping. There I made my first real big girl purchase (since my car in 2011 at least) — a full-sized “plush” mattress complete with a pillowtop!

It was a real impulse buy by my standards; I totally went into the store not knowing what the heck to look for or what my budget was. With discounts and everything the mattress came to around $850 that I am now paying off monthly. How has it been so far? Well the first couple of nights were magical. I slept like a baby and woke up not feeling sore at all! Moreover, I was able to actually jump out of bed like a normal human being instead of wallowing around with my face in the pillows hitting snooze after snooze. But alas, a month has now passed and I’m back to my lazy ways where it takes one-plus hour for me to get out of bed in the mornings. Perhaps I’m doomed that way.

Now for the real news. Why is it big important stuff? Well because as I previously mentioned, the grand vacation I took to Puerto Rico a couple months ago was with someone I called my boyfriend. And well, now, he’s not anymore. Yes that’s right ladies and gentleman — I got dumped. My heart broken. Whatever you call it. Not to get all emotional here, but since it’s been only one week since said dumping, my mind is still in a bit of a shamble. I guess you can say I really am growing up. Now I’ve got my first real grown-up breakup under my belt. Not sure it’s one of those things I’m proud of. But that is the numero uno cosa on my mind today.

Cheers. =\

What a difference a sun makes

By all rights, my mood shouldn’t feel this improved right now. The Bulls are playing like shit against Philly right now, I’m having medical issues I really freaking wish I weren’t having, a rift in a friendship doesn’t feel much improved, I’m running on no sleep, and my future is feeling so extremely uncertain.

But the weather in the past few days has been relatively glorious for late January/early February. 50-degree weather, sunshine, the smell of spring. And I feel less freaked out than before.

Or it might have been the hormones and PMS that took over my last post…maybe…

Finding that voice

Well, first things first I guess…today’s Christmas. I’m under the impression that it’s like a really big deal, but really all I did today was open my 2 presents, watch TV and eat. Not really that much different from any other day in the year.

I finally got around to watching The King’s Speech. I hadn’t seen it since theaters, and it’s definitely still very very good. I will always love Colin Firth, so I may be biased. But it really is definitely very good. The cinematography, which I appreciated more this time around, is brilliant. As far as period dramas go, this one tops all the recent ones, at least. That may have been the lamest movie review ever, my apologies.

I still have that very overwhelming feeling lurking in the back of my mind. Today I was so tired for some reason. Really, I shouldn’t have been. I had no work yesterday nor today. I slept a full 9 hours. But today I couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I couldn’t even muster up the energy to put my laundry away. My arms just don’t want to bloody move. I’m practically forcing myself to not go to bed at this very moment. There’s so much I could have done today and I’m so upset at myself for not doing a single thing except be an absolute couch potato.

I need to fix this blog. I need to read other blogs again. I must find my voice.


Is it freaking sad that I’m 22 years old and yet I feel like my best years are now behind me? That my life is basically over, and all I have to look forward to now is endless years of work, loan repayments, bills and other shitty adult matters? When will I ever be able to dance in the streets of small Central American villages again? When will I get to sit on rotted tree logs on the beach at one in the morning again? When can I ever have late night dance parties and vodka drinks with my roommates?

It’s 11:53 right now. Not even midnight, but it’s way past my bedtime already. I’ve been trying to squeeze in time this week to organize my accounts and bills and shit. For goodness sake, I have trouble finding time to SHOWER, let alone do the stuff grown-ups are supposed to do.

But in other news, I BOUGHT A CAR. My first car. It’s a black 2012 Honda Civic coupe, so beautiful, I’m in love with it. I’ve never been one to ever care about shiny cars, but damn I’m starting to understand the appeal. Picking out a car was like how I imagined picking out a wand would be. Lots of decision-making and careful consideration.

And so, on a positive note…at least I get to drive my brand-spanking new car to work tomorrow bright and early!


Let’s see…I got out of my history class early today. Came home around 3:30. Immediately checked on White Sox season opener; at the time, Sox were up 14-0. Also ate some leftover pinto I made last night.

So really, I gave myself about a half hour to wind down from the day. Meant to jump back into studying around 4:30…but for a good 2.5 hours, I either laid in bed daydreaming or avoiding my homework. I managed to start studying for my sociology exam Monday at around 7:20…and am now taking a break from it.

Rather upset with myself now. I was doing SO good this week. Not only did I manage to survive my first week of schedule hell (as previously mentioned, I am now burdened with a 19-hour courseload, work, and a new internship), I got all my homework in on time. And it was all quality work, too. Then yesterday I hit a bit of a snafu. I passed out immediately when I got home from my last class at 4, and didn’t wake up until 8:30ish. Figured I’d relax for an hour before hitting the books again.

Then, lo and behold, my friends started blowing up my phone around 10, 10:30. I ended up going out with them to a couple bars. One thing here I should mention: when I thought I wasn’t going out, I took an Advil around 10pm to relieve a headache I’d been having all day. I inconveniently forgot all about this, naturally, as an hour later I began taking shots, double fisting, and accepting free drinks from others. Needless to say, I was very very close to vomiting my brains out. My body is still reeling from the effects of last night, lol.

And now it’s almost 8pm on this Friday night. Whilst I had no plans of going out (was hoping to go to a gymnastics meet with my roommate since I can’t go tomorrow, but oh well), I am feeling rather lonely. It’s 8pm and neither of my roommates are home yet. I don’t quite like this, I don’t like feeling alone!! And what is it they can be doing without me?!