I hate playing these LoveGames

Remember those days in middle school, high school? You see a cute boy (or girl), you try your best to get them to notice you, you do everything you can to make Cupid strike that arrow of his? Because, you know, you like that person, and when you like someone, the natural due course is for you two to get together and eventually have fun making babies.

In high school, I remember the times when I’d try to rearrange my routes and walking patterns so that I’d pass by a certain boy in the hallway. I’d live for those moments. He would smile at me, or wave, or do that nodding-of-the-head thing. There would even be times when I’d go to my locker when I didn’t need to, just so I can have a few moments of conversation with that boy just because he happened to be passing by at the time. With another boy, I also carefully planned the timing of everything: when I’d get into the lunch lines, when I would walk up a stairwell, and other silly little things like that. Just thinking back to those days makes me want to laugh at my naivety. I’d certainly learned a lot of things about boys since then.

But the thing that sucks about the most about those foolish habits? It never ends. I’m going into my third year of college, and I still find myself doing little tricks just to get a chance to talk to some cute boy I’m crushing on. It’s almost pathetic. And I feel like it’s just going to get worse, now that I’m older. I go out to the bars at school, meet a cute boy, go out to the bars again and see him there again. The cycle continues. Only this time, you’ve got stupid things like alcohol and Facebook thrown into the mix, this LoveGame (thank you, Lady Gaga) that we play. And now I plan out my outfits, makeup, the nights I decide to go out, etc. — just to see that cute boy again. It’s ridiculous!

And now this recent little pickle I’ve found myself in. I am doing the same effing thing all over again. I dress up, I wonder if I’m going to see him today or not, I wonder if I get to talk to him again. Ugh.

Why do I have to be such a girl?

Now stop, oh, then wiggle wit it

I used to love Mariah Carey. Everything she did before The Emancipation of Mimi (with the exception of the whole Glitter thing). But now?

I first heard her new song, “Obsessed,” on B96 a couple of weeks ago. But I didn’t know it was her at the time. I had just changed radio stations in the car while driving, when I heard this completely unappealing voice croon “So oh oh oh oh.” I assumed it was some new chick trying to make it in the music biz with some unoriginal track produced by some Timbaland-wannabe. Later, on some other occasion, I was listening to the radio again when the DJ said something along the lines of, “Here’s Mariah’s new song,” and when I realized it was the same song, I was amused. I’m still a huge fan of Mariah’s music, but the garbage she puts out nowadays irk me. And why does she still try to be such a sex symbol? I don’t find her sexy. She looks…like an old woman trying to be sexy and it’s not working. Seriously, I don’t know why I’m not digging Mariah anymore, but I just felt like I had to say my piece.

Anybody remember the days when Lil Jon and “crunk” were all the rage? And, OK, it wasn’t too long ago, but it was back in high school for me, so it feels like ages now. I noticed this last week when I was making a “black people music!!! fasho!!!!!!!” (a little inside joke between me and my friends :)) playlist on YouTube. I was filling the playlist with my high school classics, such as “Get Low” — which I rediscovered in The Proposal, where Sandra Bullock does a hilarious rendition of that song — when I realized you just don’t hear music like that on the radio anymore. Everything’s all Auto-Tune nowadays. Kanye, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, now the Black Eyed Peas… I suppose I don’t mind too much, but it makes me wonder what kind of music fad is going to be next.