Somebody finally believes in me!

After 3 months of lazying around, doing absolutely nothing but eat food, sleep, and watch a shitload of TV all day, my life is about to get real hectic again. I’m trying to remember what it was like earlier this year, when I had a full 18-hour courseload, a part-time night job, and an internship, because that’s the mindset I’m going to need to be in again in a few weeks. And it’s funny, because there I was a few days ago, feeling sad that the beginning of the school year was coming up and yet I didn’t have to get ready for it anymore. At any rate, the reason why I need to put on my workaholic gameface on again is because I was offered a paid editorial internship! A real, legit adult full-time grown-up job (well, not permanent job, obviously). After months of dead-end interviews and absolutely near-zero callbacks, I finally caught a break. Although I’ve been looking for more permanent employment, there’s always a possibility this could lead to that. Anyway, I absolutely loved talking to everyone I met during my interviews, and I’m so happy they liked me too, so it’s all very much an improvement over being completely unemployed.

There was a little snafu, however, when I announced the news to my parents. Though they knew I was interviewing for something, their reaction to my getting an offer was more or less along the lines of, “Well, it’s better than nothing.” At that point, I kind of blew up at them. There was no “Congratulations!”, nothing. I was beyond pissed and gave my parents an earful. You see, my mother has been on my case lately about finding a job (and a “real” job too, she’s so dismissive of the retail job I was recently hired for) and basically last week told me to go to law school or else. She’s even told others that I’m pretty much doing nothing with my life and can’t seem to find a regular job (again, she doesn’t consider my retail job a real job) on my own. She’s also been pressuring me to call the son of one of her mahjong buddies and ask what his office is currently hiring. And then, when I finally achieve something (on my own) and get an offer to work at something I’ve been working toward for 2 years now, she just goes, “Well, it’s better than nothing.” And I know why. It’s because I haven’t decided yet on whether to go to law school. I wonder if anything else would please her. The funny thing is, I actually would like to become a lawyer someday, but the more she and my aunt tells me to do it, the more I don’t want to. It all seriously infuriates me, and even though we’re on speaking terms again every time I think about my career choices and her fucking reaction I want to yell some more.

Anyway, this means I’ll be working both full-time and part-time soon; during the day at my internship, and during the nights and weekends at my retail job. I wonder how my body will handle this. More importantly, I wonder how awesome my wallet is going to feel from now on?!

I don’t think I could get used to this

I have been living now without hot water for over two weeks. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but damn now I know what a luxury hot shower-able water is. The heater broke a couple weeks ago while we were away for the weekend in Cincinnati, and I’ve been bathing myself in icy cold water since. We have resorted to boiling a giant pot of water on the kitchen stove, and mixing it with the cold shower in order to create a more tolerable stream. My mother likes doing it, she says that’s how it always is in the Philippines (totally not true, either we had hot water or lukewarm/cool ocean water there, not icy cold!).

In other news, I got the part-time retail job. Despite the minimum wage and part-time hours, I’m actually looking forward to it, as I’ve never worked in retail before. And it’s a well-known company and one of my good friends already works there. So I have that and my office job (and one of the advantages of working for my dad is the incredibly flexible work hours), as well as a new unpaid internship that I’ve recently started. Oh, and I’m also hoping to hear back from a work-from-home job. Yay, getting busy as a bee again. And earning some money while at it!

I also made a visit to the gynecologist today. For the last month I’d been pressuring my mom to make me an appointment, mostly because I need a new prescription for birth control pills and obviously I can’t get that again through my school. And aside from the awkward “Why, do you think you’re pregnant?!” questions, she grudgingly agreed. Funny thing was, at the doctor’s I kind of played it off as if it were my very first gynecological visit. They kept asking me if I’d ever had a pap smear, to which I kept saying no. But I think I have, when I visited the women’s health clinic at school last summer. >_< Anyway, I got some much needed testing done and reassurance that I'm all normal down there. Hurrah. Oh, and one last thing: I finally changed the language on my iPod back from Spanish to English. I had set it to Spanish while I was in Costa Rica, and have been too lazy ever since to change it back, much to the chagrin of my family and friends (14-year-old brother: "Can I play on your iPod? WHY IS THIS IN SPANISH?"). If it weren't for the fact that I nearly got lost trying to follow the Spanish map directions on my iPod a couple weekends ago, it'd probably still be that way. But my Facebook's still in Spanish, heh.