After about over a week of hibernation, my beloved laptop and I have been reunited! Last Thursday, my power adapter fritzed and stopped working. Since my battery barely lasts an hour as it is, my laptop has been unfortunately out of commission for days, which seems like an eternity when you’re living in this day and age. I’d been living Internet-wise out of my iPod, which doesn’t help much when you have things to do like apply for jobs and do freelance writing.

In the meantime, since I last blogged the following has happened:

  • I finished my undergraduate career. Senior year. Graduated from college. No biggie.

  • Went out and partied a little too hard…heh.
  • Found out my host mom from Costa Rica is visiting the United States! I’ll be seeing her sometime late next week, yahoo!!
  • Officially de-friended and blocked Boy O from Facebook. I’d already deleted him off my cell phone weeks ago. This will have to be further explained in a later entry.
  • Found out I will be going to the Philippines on June 1 with my family!! Will be there for a little over two weeks, visiting extended family and doing touristy stuff. I’ve only ever been there once, when I was four, so this trip should be uber fun.
  • My cut finger is slowly healing and no longer gushing blood. There was a scary incident last week when, a morning after I had drunk a little too much while celebrating the end of finals, it started bleeding thinly again but since then I’ve managed to not repeat it. So hopefully by the time I return to tropical paradise, I can splash around in the ocean without worrying about infected fingers!

The future’s another country, man, and I still ain’t got a passport

I don’t know what to do about my camera dilemma. I’ve just about given up on trying to repair it on my own, and were I at home I probably would just hold off on buying a replacement or charge one to my Best Buy credit card. But I’m here in bloody Costa Rica, with about 4 weeks left. There are beaches, animals, and final good-byes to be photographed and I’ve nothing to fucking photograph them (is it weird that I just imagined myself saying all that in a British accent?).

And I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I don’t want to go home.

I don’t want to go back to the real world. To real life. I’m already starting to feel heart palpitations over my financial difficulties and the fact that I’m still not even fucking registered for classes for my supposed last semester of college. And what about after? I have to find a dumb job that I won’t even want just to pay off this useless paper degree? I love college for all that it’s taught me, academically and socially, but there is something to be said about a society such as ours that practically forces you into the most financially draining institutions possible because the “alternative” is supposedly worse.

My parents are updating me on all the goings-on at home, but surprisingly I don’t want to hear it anymore. The more disconnected I become, the more disinterested I am. I keep thinking about last weekend on the beach, and how I spent much of my Saturday night (or rather, early Sunday morning) sitting on the beach with random strangers from all around the world, smoking up and not having a care in the world. I felt I could literally spend the rest of my days staring out into the sea and not have to worry about anything else like bills or family drama or grades, whatnot. There’s no other feeling quite like it.

So today, as I’m sure everyone knows, is the day the first part of the last Harry Potter installment comes out. It’s been a whirlwind. At first I believed there were no midnight shows here in Costa Rica and that all the weekend evening shows were sold out. Then my friends discovered a midnight show at the cinemas nearby. I was all set to join then, and then I heard that the midnight show would be dubbed and not subtitled, which I absolutely refused to watch. So I didn’t join my friends. Then this morning, I hear that there were indeed subtitles at some of the shows last night and that the movie was, of course, amazing. And now I feel exceedingly frustrated.

I need a drink or something.

Not in the greatest of moods

My camera has broken. Temporarily, permanently, I do not know; the fact of the matter is, it will not work. I press the button, the lens has a fit, and the LCD screen screams “LENS ERROR” to me for about half a minute. I’ve no idea who to blame for this. It was residing comfortably in my black purse all of Saturday night, I heard it accidentally turn on at one point and am wondering if the lack of space for lens extension in my small bag is what’s causing this malfunction. It was 3 in the morning and I was in the midst of chilling, hanging out with complete strangers at the beach when I realized my camera had ceased to function. Although I sadly suspect that it might be all the sand…

This is absolutely NOT what I want to be happening as I wind down my last few weeks in this glorious paradise known as Costa Rica. What the fuck?!

What else has brought me down besides the fact that my 3rd camera in 4 years has failed on me? I missed my first Pacquiao fight in years, and it turns out to be the most exciting one so far. I’ve yet to register for my last semester of classes, which probably means I won’t graduate on time. The amount of money I have to my name is very very limited. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with myself anymore.