Reminiscing the days when I was surrounded by people who read books

Today was a day I’d been looking forward to for a few weeks. Lupe Fiasco’s latest, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album (Pt. 1), finally dropped, and while on the way to buy it from Best Buy (why yes I still buy CDs!) I decided to also pick up Junot Díaz’s new collection of short stories, This Is How You Lose Her. At Barnes & Noble I asked the guy at the information desk if they still had copies of the book, since I wasn’t able to find it in the general fiction section. While he looked it up on his computer he asked me if I had read Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, to which I responded yes. And then we just had a short conversation about it as he led me to where the book I wanted was. Some people are very entertained by ninja kasinot.

New goodies!

OK, OK, I know that was a pretty pathetic little story. But while discussing the merits of the story and Díaz’s writing style in Oscar Wao, I couldn’t help but scream inside, “Holy shit I miss this!” I mean, has it really been that long since I had an intellectual conversation with someone about a book? Has it really been that long since someone wanted to discuss a book that wasn’t Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey (I still haven’t read the latter, mind you)? Not gonna lie, the feeling made me miss college, the class/homework/boring part of college, a lot.

I feel compelled now to find a book club to join.

Looking for something to look foward to

If, somehow, I manage to escape this semester with an ounce of sanity left, it will have been a miracle. Given all of the emotional, mental, financial, all-over stress life has passed down to me thus far in 2011, the fact that I am still sitting here today feeling not too bad surely must mean something. As it stands, I’m looking at 3 A’s and 2 B’s for this semester. Am I happy with this? Hell to the no. At this point it means I will be graduating college without a single semester of straight A’s, one of my primary goals going into sophomore year. It’s bad enough hearing my roommates brag about their straight A semester last semester. The one class I got a B in last semester while abroad was a class I felt didn’t deserve my A effort anyway.

Plus, I would love for a chance to brag about my own straight A semester to my roommates. In fact, I would demand a medal were I to get straight A’s this semester, in the face of all my family drama, my nonexistent bank account and cash flow, the reverse culture shock, and all the work/internship hours I’ve put in this spring.

I was very angry this afternoon to find out I received a relatively low score for a reaction paper I did last week for my political sociology class. I was angry because it was the kind of score I was receiving at the beginning of the semester, when I didn’t put in any effort, whereas last week I actually did the readings and carefully scoped out my analysis. Like what the fuck? I hate the way this TA grades, it’s so unfair and he gives no feedback on how to improve whatsoever.

Thinking about school is making me angry. Must. Stop. Thinking.

(But of course, that is going to be virtually impossible now that finals weeks is breathing down my neck. Sigh, I need a beer.)

My plans for after college graduation are rather murky at the moment. I do have one goal now that I hope I can start working toward: returning to Costa Rica. A classmate from last semester is looking to go back in September, and I am determined to accompany her. How I will do this, I do not know, considering I have less than $200 to my name right now and last semester in Costa Rica I spent at least $1500. Granted, that was over the span of four months, and in September I’d be visiting for a week. Let’s see, if I spent about $470 on my flights last year (totally a guess there), I’d say I would need about $250 for a week…I must start saving up for ideally $800 by September. This is probably totally a bad idea, since Costa Rica last year and my spring break trip to Florida this year absolutely killed my savings, but I’m gonna do it! Even if at the moment I have no real job, no real income, no real…anything.

Costa Rica! I promise I’ll be back!!


Life updates

Definitely have just spent the past hour wasting time and reading miscellaneous things on the Internet: CNN, ESPN, TheYBF, blogs. And now here I am, inspired to write again in my own. Despite the fact I have mountains of work to do for the next month or so — pretty much up until the semester ends.

My life has gotten quite busy, hectic, and dramatic since our trek to Florida the first part of spring break (a tale that will have to be told another time). I have a second 8-week class that started the week before spring break; it’s a 3-credit hour course, required for my Global Studies minor (which, lo and behold, I’ll be able to complete on time for graduation this semester!), and is actually really super interesting (about world history from mid-century to present) despite the fact that I seem to already know a lot of the material and have already seen the first two movies required to watch in a previous class. Did I mention it meets for 6 hours a week? So in effect, my courseload at the moment is heartily full at 19 hours.

In addition to classes, I’m still working at my school newspaper. Three nights a week: three shifts of web posting and one of those nights also for copy editing. The pay is pretty much nonexistent, but I do love the people and the work, so I can’t bear to leave.

Aaaaaaaand, dun dun dun, this week I started my new internship with a non-profit book publisher on campus. I’ve been wanting to dip my feet into book publishing really really bad for a really really long time (ever since I first fell in love with Bridget Jones’s Diary, heh), and I was lucky enough to be picked as an intern (unpaid, oh wells) by this Press, which is somewhat on campus and affiliated with my school. At the moment it seems I’ll only be working there two mornings a week, which isn’t too bad, but still…my schedule is full. 🙁

Life is busy, I am poor, things suck at home as usual, and alas, I must return to my 7-page research paper draft that is due Thursday.

I’m sick

So I am currently physically ill. As well as mentally deranged, emotionally fucked up. I’m even just too drained to be depressed about anything really. I’m just…floating by. With this dumb sore throat.

I missed both my classes today for various reasons. Thanks to last week’s historic snow day and a certain distraction over the weekend, I totally neglected my schoolwork and discovered only last night that I had another 2-page reaction paper due today. Which required about 60+ pages of reading. Didn’t also help that I had to go in to work last night. I ended up waking early today to do the paper, subsequently deciding to skip the class the paper was for entirely (it was due online at noon). I then fell asleep around 10 a.m. with the hopes that I would wake up in time for my 1 p.m. class. Didn’t happen. I woke up at 1:30.

Since then, I’ve been dallying around in my room (mostly on my bed), trying to do something productive but to no avail. My distraction (or should I say distractions?) is distracting me.

I don’t get why my love life always seems to be in full force during spring semesters. It was like this last year too, I swear. Anyway, long story short: I met a boy over the weekend and saw him everyday. He is, to be honest, perfect for me in many ways. But…he is not The Boy. And dumb me, The Boy is still stuck in the back of my mind. So much so that my roommate has forced me to text The Boy to see him in person and decide for myself whether it’s truly over or not so that I can move on with this new boy.

Doesn’t help that I’ve developed a small fever, sore throat and fatigue. And that I have a take-home exam and short paper due this week. As well as work. Bahh.

Let it snow!

So I found this nifty WordPress plugin that makes snow fall on your page. I’m so fascinated by it, and with the fuzzy Chicago skyline in the background of my layout, it makes for a pretty rad, homesick kind of image! ‘Cause, yanno, it’s already December 13 and I have yet to see snow (or temperatures below 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, for that matter).

Snow? What snow?

I’m currently trying to sort out my life for the next few months, which is primarily consisting of deciding whether or not to drop my Global Studies minor. I only have one English class and one Gen Ed left to take (neither of which I’m worried about), and three left for my GS minor. And, well, I only have one semester left. For my GS minor, I have a plan of study I’m supposed to follow. Now, the problem is that one of the classes in that plan is not being offered next spring. I tried going through the catalog to find a suitable substitute, and while I did find several, either they’re not interesting enough for me, or there are time conflicts. Another problem is that one of the other classes I need to take is currently full and closed for registration. I know that if I really really really tried, I could fix it all up and graduate with my GS minor with no problems. But…I’m all the way here in Costa Rica, I’m a senior and at this point I don’t feel like going through the hassle. Either I put some serious effort into securing my minor and return to a 16-hour grueling class schedule for next semester, or I drop the whole thing altogether (though I’m definitely still interested in taking one of the classes just for fun) and take it relatively easy for my last semester of undergrad (EEKS!!).

Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of which, I leave Costa Rica in 6 days. Holy freaking shit.