So long Ryder Cup

Today was a return to normalcy. No more hour-long commutes, no more hordes of giant coach buses taking up so much room on the highways, no more PGA signs designating where visitors can park and go. Sadly, though, that also means no more sightings of Justin Timberlake.

Yes, there was a giant golf tournament that took place near my home over the past week. In a battle between the U.S. and Europe, it was the latter that came out on top in what I surmised to be an upset. In a battle between my sanity and traffic, well, it was also the latter that continued to trump. The Medinah Country Club just so happens to be on my way to the office, so every day last week was an awful test of my patience. Going to work wasn’t as bad as coming home—now that was tortuous.

But on the bright side, there were many celebrities that came to town for the Ryder Cup (who knew?!), including none other than our favorite glorious Justin Timberlake, who apparently took part in a celebrity golf challenge and also found time to explore my neck of the woods. It was my friend’s cousin who spotted him hanging out at the Lucky Strike establishment where she worked. Why my friends and I didn’t put more effort into stalking JT—I mean, finding out what kind of bars he’d be hanging out at—we will never know.

Life has much improved

Funny how just one simple fact of life can change the course of how one feels about everything else entirely. Last Monday the company I was interning for promoted me to a full-time associate editor. I was hired. I have a real job. I’m staying! I no longer have to worry about what I will be doing with myself weeks from now, or having to send out resumes and cover letters again, or how the heck I was going to continue paying for my car. I finally have some stability going on for me. Moreover I can start cutting down on hours at my retail gig, which I believe I’m going to keep for now. So instead of working nearly 60 hours a week on meager wages, I’ll be working 50 hours a week on better wages. Heh?

I ended up having a whirlwind of a magical week last week after my promotion. For Valentine’s Day my girl friends and I went out on the town in Chicago, doing the wine, dine and dance. It ended up being a fantastic, fun night and totally worth the lack of sleep I suffered at work the next day. Last Thursday I went out in the city again to have dinner at the Costa Rican restaurant, Irazu, which I think I am now officially obsessed with. As a side note, I’m returning to Costa Rica in less than a month!!! (More about that later.) Then Friday I went to the city again (I really should just move there!) for the Chicago Auto Show, which I hadn’t been to in probably about 10 years. Best part of all…look who I ran into!!

Yeah, that’s right, I totally locked eyes with the Chicago Bulls’ very own Joakim Noah. The line to meet him was ridiculously long, so my friends and I fought our way to get to the crowd control poles. We may not have had the chance to get anything signed by him, but we were right there front and center, and he definitely saw—noticed—us. It was awesome.

Oh, and the cars were sexy too. Disregard all my previous emo posts. Life is awesome.

Spring awakening

So what was the culminating moment of my spring break? Me being childish and realizing I could fit myself inside my laundry basket.

Ah, yes, the joys of being stuck at home for an entire week with nothing to do and absolutely no contact with any human beings outside of my family. But now I’m back in Chambana, back in the cornfields, back to the life of procrastinating. I honestly don’t think I have it in me to do any more academics. I’m completely and utterly exhausted from doing nothing for a whole week. My alarm rang this morning at 8:20 a.m., but I kept pressing snooze and totally not thinking that I actually had to get up and moving. It was 8:39 when I realized I actually had somewhere to be. And even walking to class was an out-of-body experience. I forgot what it was like to be surrounded by hundreds of people your age on a daily basis. Walking from my apartment to the FLB was a total daze—I wasn’t aware of my surroundings at all (though, in all honesty, I was probably still half-asleep).

But I have to get back into the groove, back into some sort of semblance of an active college life. Look, I even got a haircut before coming back here to freshen things up before tackling the second half of this semester.

I know it doesn’t seem short or anything to a lot of people, but it feels drastically short to me. I might as well have chopped it all off. But the cut was necessary; if I’m determined to have hair like Kim Kardashian by the end of the year, then I need my hair healthy.

I guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and get back to work. It’s getting harder and harder to be so productive when the sun’s out even longer as weeks goes by. It’s 6:44 p.m. and the sun’s just now starting to set.

Anybody care to decipher this?

I had the most peculiar dream this morning. I’m pretty sure that it was specifically this morning, as I remember waking up initially at around 9, and then drifting off, experiencing this dream, and waking up at intervals until my eyes finally stayed open at 10:30. Anyway, from what I can remember, the dream begins when I jump into this outdoor pool. The pool is located in the middle of nowhere: cloudy skies, occasional power lines, and endless fields of grass. And in this pool with me are Miley Stewart and her brother, Jackson, from Hannah Montana (why they appeared in this dream is beyond me, since I stopped watching that show a long time ago and absolutely detest anything to do with Miley Cyrus). We swim around for a while, then decide to rinse off. Jackson gets out of the pool first and goes into their house, which happens to be a vast mansion.

I go to follow him, but some servants come running out of the house to inform me that strangers were not allowed to enter. Of course, I am furious at this, and start rattling off about how Billy Ray knew perfectly well who I was and surely he would not mind me coming inside just to shower. Eventually I see a couple of bathrooms in the corner of the house opening up to me, so in I go. There I notice that the bathroom I am showering in is completely closed off from the rest of the house; I am still considered an outsider. Miley is in this bathroom with me, and I try and get her to fix the situation but then mayhem ensues and all of a sudden I find myself in a moving, driving van.

Sitting right next to me in this van is Craig David, although in this dream he looked more like a mix of himself, Tony Parker, and Thierry Henry. Inside, my heart is beating very fast, because of course, this is Craig David I’m sitting next to! However, the Craig David of my dreams is not the famous singer I love in real life; instead, my dream Craig David is just a regular guy. (And if this dream Craig David represents who I think he represents, god I wish my subconscious would stop doing that to me.) So as we ride in the van along some unknown highway, being driven by an equally unknown driver, we converse; me, the meek little commoner, and him, the gorgeous Brit.

Eventually we arrive at our destination, which Craig informs me is the city of London, and the place is absolutely beautiful. It is Christmastime now. The trees are all decorated with snow, and the people are bundled in thick coats and huddling around for warmth. I think to myself, “I’m SO moving to England!”

After our brief tour of the city, we are gathered in some sort of living room, which I think was in the same house I had been trying to enter earlier. In this gathering, I am still the outsider. Lower class. Though it bothers me, I had accepted my status without complaint, because Craig doesn’t seem to care.

Anyway, there seems to be some sort of Christmas party going on. At one point, an Indian father and son are arguing, and the father is criticizing his son for letting his beard grow wild and dirty. So as punishment, the son must shave his beard off. Only this seems to go way too far, and the son, either because this is what his father instructed him to do or because he’s doing it in protest, begins to shave the skin of his chin off as well. It is disgusting, and I quickly turn away, looking for comfort in Craig.

And then…I wake up. Dream ends. Nada más.