Who knew?

After literally a decade of trying to get my younger now-19-year-old brother to read the Harry Potter books (although to his credit, he has seen most of the movies), I woke up this morning to the following email:

Hahaha I am suddenly interested in Harry Potter now. I’ve just finished reading the last book (i skipped the first 6 books but I made up by watching the movie) and I really want to watch part 1 of the last movie. Who knew I would be interested.

It almost caused me to fall out of my chair (AKA small wooden stool). This just made my week.

I don’t want to be the kind of person to have regrets

But I do have some.

I regret that I never went to my friends’ quinceañeras when I had the chance. I’m sure they would have been kick-ass experiences for me.

I regret that I let the way things occurred between me and a certain someone. For all the gripe and ranting I do about boys, I know that I only have myself to blame in that situation.

I regret that I didn’t join Montage or the Daily Illini earlier than I did. They’ve both been eye-opening experiences, and I wish I carved out my career path more clearly from the beginning. But I suppose that couldn’t have been helped. Could it?

I regret that I was such a terrible sister in my adolescence (indeed, throughout much of my life). I was an extremely selfish creature, and if there was one aspect of my growing up that I could change, it would be my earlier behavior toward my brothers. This is one regret I know I’m going to live with for a very long time.

I regret not utilizing the services at the Career Center. If I had practiced interviewing skills, perhaps I would not have had the rejections I’ve had to endure over the past year.

I kind of regret not choosing to study abroad earlier in my undergraduate career. Nobody expects to start off their senior year of college in another country; the whole point of your last year is to embrace every minute and every part of the campus that has given you life for the past three years. But this regret I can push aside because an even bigger regret would be to not study abroad at all.

I also kind of regret going out last night, because I’ve still got two 10-page papers due in a few days that are waiting to be written.

My spring break has come to be defined by…

a lot of country music and basketball. I’ve been stuck on my Lady Antebellum station on Pandora for the past 3 days. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but it’s become my new best friend. I know most people just can’t seem to associate Asian people with country music (they do exist, though!), but I’m growing to love it more and more. Saw both Lady Antebellum albums on sale at FYE the other day, and was debating on buying the first one because I’ve recently become endlessly addicted to “Love Don’t Live Here.” If only the state of my bank account wasn’t in shambles.

As for the other part of my break, there’s been a lot of basketball. My moods seem to fluctuate with the Bulls’ record, because right now I’m a bundle of joy after the Bulls won their second game in a row after dropping 10 straight. They’re basically fighting for a playoff spot now, but either way even if they do make it, I don’t see how the Bulls can dominate (or even compete) without a completely healthy trio of Rose, Noah, and Deng. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Speaking of basketball, my 13-year-old (it still grosses me out that he’s a teenager now!) brother’s team won their conference championship.

I was fortunate enough to watch his last two games, and honestly, I was shocked at the level of play these 7th graders were at. Maybe I was expecting something really elementary, but these guys were damn good. Posting up and passing like pros. I was so proud.

An uncanny resemblance

When my youngest brother, Michael, was born back in 1997, everyone was convinced he looked exactly like me. Of course, being a bratty 7-year-old girl back then, I didn’t believe it. But the comments wouldn’t stop. Even strangers and new family acquaintances would marvel over the resemblance between us. As I got older, though, I began to see it bit by bit. We have the same facial shape and this weird morning eyes thing that our faces are contorted in when we wake up. As Michael grew older and developed more of a personality, our mom would not stop comparing us. We’re both stubborn, hot-headed, and just plain weird. We both sing randomly to ourselves, make odd noises, and we have practically the same personality. We’re more social and outgoing whereas my other brother, Jeff, keeps more to himself.

At any rate, now my parents have never been more convinced that we’re secretly twins just seven years apart. Michael’s in the 7th grade now (funny how that number keeps popping up), and all 7th graders have to participate in a science fair. My project when I was in 7th grade had something to do with water evaporation. If I recall correctly, I was testing whether or not different additives affected the rates of water evaporation — something like that.

Michael’s science fair project? How different food colorings affect water evaporation.

It is eerie. My parents theorized that Michael must have subconsciously remembered my own science fair project when he was conceiving ideas for his own. I shot this down, though, because Michael must have been around 4-years-old when I did that, and it was a project that was quickly forgotten after the report was submitted and presentations were finished. There’s no trace of the project left, not after two house moves and the 8(?) years that have gone by; I didn’t win any major prizes, so it’s not like there’s pictures or certificates of me with my water evaporation experiment lounging around the house. Michael himself said that he just made it up, found the idea on his own while researching.

Or, as my mom now says, he just really does think like me. In which case…good god, that kid is going to have some rough years ahead of him.

It's been a Harry Potter kind of day

At lunch today, I was teasing my younger brother as usual, and this is what came out: “You know, when Harry Potter was your age, he freaking discovered the Chamber of Secrets and saved Hogwarts! What have you done?” To which 12-year-old Michael responded with: “What?”

HP’s been on the brain nonstop again because I’ve been rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince again, and today I seemed to have found even more things throughout the text that amused me more and more. On page 458, Rowling writes,

Harry tried every variation of “I need to see what Draco Malfoy is doing inside you” that he could think of for a whole hour…

Naturally, my dirty, young adult mind immediately thought of more inappropriate things than what Draco Malfoy was doing inside the Room of Requirement.

And on the very next page, Seamus Finnigan asks Snape what the difference is between an Inferius and a ghost. For some reason, I asked myself, “Why not Wikipedia it?”

I don’t know what on earth is possessing me to write all this down, but I think that’s enough Harry Potter for me today. It is nearly 1 in the morning, and once again I am up late awake again. This time I really shouldn’t be, because I have work at 10:30, and I ought to wake up at 9, so if I want a sufficient amount of sleep I should have gone to bed an hour ago. 🙁