I’m rather annoyed at the moment because the stupid ComEd website is not working for me. My dad wants me to try and and see if I can pay the electric bills online since apparently they’re way overdue and they’re scheduled to shut off the power on Monday. Yikes. Why the fuck isn’t this website working?!

At any rate, my entire family is due to leave for Ohio in a few hours. I am incredibly, overly ecstatic. I have never ever been alone at home like this before (I don’t join them until Saturday). The idea of having the opportunity to go out and not worry about calling my parents every few hours to let them know what I’m up to is almost too good to be true. Both my parents have already come to my room to give me the “no-party” lecture, which I found amusing but I didn’t deny that I wasn’t planning something. 😉 I just asked my dad if it was okay to have a few people over, which he approved, but he vehemently repeated that I was not to have a lot of people over. Which, of course, I agreed to…I just didn’t really specify what us “people” would be doing.

I’ll admit it, though, I can feel the loneliness of the next two days already looming over me like an ominous cloud. Despite all the grief and stress my family gives me on a constant basis, I can already see my “social” bar (think The Sims) decreasing steadily over the next couple of days. Oh well.

On another note, I’m reading again. Not as much as I’d hoped, but I finally managed to get into Sex as a Second Language by Alisa Kwitney. I had bought the book months ago at a cheap bookstore, thinking it would make for an easy chick lit kind of read, but I couldn’t help but criticize every few pages of the first part. I swear, ever since becoming an English major, I find it harder and harder to read books without wanting to dissect every sentence and ponder upon its greater merit. But the book is turning out to be much craftier than I thought. So… yay!