Here’s to the beginning of the rest of my life…

First of all, today this blog turns two years old. Feels strangely like a long time, although in the realm of things it isn’t anymore. I’ve been blogging since I was 11 or 12, so overall my words have been floating around out there on the Internet for over 10 years. Wowzer. At any rate, happy second anniversary, bumplum!

The Philippines was, for the most part, a blast. I met so many family members and went to so many places…and also ended up getting ridiculously sick. Muscle pains, backaches, fevers, headaches, upset stomachs, you name it. Everyone was convinced it was the change in climate and that I wasn’t used to the tropical weather (apparently the four months I spent in Central America didn’t mean a thing). To their credit, there were several bagyos and several low pressure storm systems that popped up, which I wasn’t used to in Costa Rica, so maybe they’re to blame? I also did a lot of shopping, watched a lot of TV (mainly basketball and teleseryes, thank god for BTV), and overall just relaxed. Oh, and returned to the gloriousness that is a tropical beach:

White Beach, Boracay Island

And glorious indeed. Boracay was every bit as gorgeous as advertised, just way more touristy than I anticipated. I felt almost exactly as if I were back at Playa Jaco or Playa Samara in Costa Rica…sans the insane partying and sexy Latin men, of course.

I also learned several very interesting things about my family:

  • My grandfather on my dad’s side died of a heart attack while he (my dad) was in college. Not only was he a Philippine soldier who served in World War II for the U.S. Army, he was going to study law afterward but decided to stay a soldier instead. That would have been two grandfather lawyers for me; no wonder my entire family believes I’m destined to become one.
  • My mother’s oldest sister, the aunt I never knew, had died from internal injuries sustained in a jeepney accident. Apparently my aunt, who was pregnant at the time, never sought treatment after the accident, and by the time she realized she was sick it was too late. It was the first time my mom told me the whole story. Oh, and guess what? She studied English literature in college!!!! No wonder my mother never made fun of me nor gave me crap about my English major like you would have expected an Asian mother to do…amazing. I feel even more closer now to my oldest aunt, who died before I was born and like me, was the oldest in the family.
  • My parents first met in Saudi Arabia. I always knew Saudi was a source of connection between my parents, but I didn’t know the whole story…and in fact, I’ve got a lot more family in Saudi Arabia than I first thought. Not only have my parents and some aunts lived there, my uncle and other aunts still do. It’s crazy. I’ve always been fascinated by Saudi Arabia, and now I’d like to go there someday. Are Americans allowed to travel there for tourist reasons? Must find this out.

At any rate, now I am home. No more vacations, no more dilly-dallying. I have graduated from college and moved back into my parents’ house. Most unfortunately, I am completely unemployed. I decided not to return to my old seasonal job, and have yet to line up my real first grown up one. I interviewed for a company before I left for the Philippines but they ended up rejecting me, which I wasn’t too sad about. So far I have yet to hear back from any of the jobs that I applied to before my vacation, and have now begun applying to more in earnest. I’m worried. Today I sent resumes online to three more places…and seriously, whoever said job hunting is a job in itself was right. I’m pooped. And still worried.

Let the realities of grown up-hood begin. 🙁

Body issue stuff (blech!) and my dads

I had a moment last week that I believed would never happen to me in a million years. I glanced at myself in the mirror, in all my underwear glory, and thought to myself, “Oh god, I’m getting fat.”

This is cause for concern. I have never had body weight issues (like that) in my life. At one point I was wondering if I was underweight because many people like to constantly point out and analyze my skinniness (believe it or not, folks, I don’t consider being called “skinny” the greatest compliment; it still bears the connotation that my body is not normal). But, horrifyingly, I had actually looked at myself in the mirror and thought that.

A couple of days later, though, it appeared as if my body returned to normal. Either A) I was very pre-menstrually bloated, which is possible, B) incredibly stuffed with copious amounts of food, which is also possible, and C) an option I considered very briefly and will not even dare to mention, because it’s too terrifying to consider beyond that.

At any rate, right now (at the time of writing) it’s 11:10 p.m., and it’s amazing how incredibly late this feels to me. Used to be I had trouble getting to bed even before 1 in the morning, and now it takes all my strength to not simply pass out at 8:30 in the evening.

I briefly mentioned that my host dad here reminds me a lot of my real father back home. The strange resemblance continues. I could have been going crazy at the time, but once I could’ve sworn someone call my host father “Boy.” Amongst Filipino cultures, it’s common to have at least one male family member nicknamed “Boy” — and that would be my own dad. To top it all off, my host father has taken to affectionately call my niece a bunch of baby-ish names and saying things like “Que mas preciosita, mi Mariquita.” It reminds me too much of how my own father says things at home like, “Anak, sha-sha” when he’s in a good mood and uses baby names for me and my brothers.

I wish I had to the time to write down every story and adventure that’s happened here so far. I’ve been in Costa Rica for more than a month, and still have not yet progressed to the consistency of blogging as I would’ve liked. My goal is for one more post before I leave for Panama late tomorrowo night.

I really should not be awake right now

I know that lately, I have been lamenting shamefully over my lack of a passionate love life. But ever since I saw The Ugly Truth last Friday, and after certain events from the day before, my attitude has changed. To put it succinctly: I just don’t give a fuck anymore. If fate has bestowed upon me this role of a crazy spinster and lunatic, so be it. I can play this game too.

Anyway, at the moment I am wondering why on earth I am awake at 3 in the morning when I so desperately crave sleep. I haven’t even eaten dinner yet nor did I clean up my room like I had planned to. My stomach is aching with hunger. I’m debating on whether to just storm into the kitchen to fetch some rice and adobo, or to crash into my bed because I can feel my eyes drooping steadily as I type this all out. During this time you can contact cypress cleaning services to clean your room.

Some sitely updates I feel deserve mentioning:

  • Because people like to keep harking on and on about the importance of “content,” I’ve decided to relocate all non-personal content from Stargazer. Basically, all the articles I had planned for that website will be featured here on my main domain. I’m really only doing this to refocus Stargazer as a more strictly personal site. Honestly, I don’t believe personal weblogs should be “required” to have some sort of substandard section of pointless visitor goodies or quickly written rants. But I guess I’m going against that now. Oh well. Shoot me.
  • So look for more things to pop up on bumplum over the next few weeks.
  • I’ve begun work on my new fanlisting for Jay Sean. Nothing substantial or exciting, really. But I’ve started, I’m excited, so yay!

There’s more that I’ve been wanting to blog about, but I seriously think that my body is physically shutting down at the moment because my hearing has dimmed and my eyes are halfway closed, though my stomach continues to remind me that I haven’t eaten an actual meal since that McDonald’s I had on my break today; and that was over 13 hours ago. Eff.

I did it!

Well, well, well. Here I am. With my own domain. After hours and hours of hard labor, not to mention years of waiting, I finally snagged my own little domain for myself. And I’m blogging again. Like for real bloggin’. I never thought I’d live to see the day. My YouTube channel will be linked with this blog. And yes, I found a fantastic online service for buying REAL views and subscribers.


I still have my LiveJournal for random scribbles, which I plan on keeping for more personal topics that I don’t feel I can share with the world here. Feel free to add me there if you’d like.

Now with all that aside, there is – take note of this – currently less than six hours left until the Transformers 2 midnight premiere! I’ve been planning for this excursion for weeks now, although the plans never really came to anything until last night. And it’s funny. A week ago I couldn’t find anyone to come watch it with me except for my brother, and now I’ve got people asking me what my plans are and whether we can meet up. Seriously, people? I gave up on ya’ll. Leave me alone.

The weather here in my part of Illinois is at a balmy 94º right now. That is insane. I thought that the atmosphere was just being a prick by making June all cold and rainy, and now we’ve got heat advisories popping up all over the area. I went swimming yesterday for the first time all summer, and it was bliss. Perfect way to cool off, not to mention I finally got tan. Being Filipino, I’m used to the tannage, but I was seriously starting to look paler than even my white friends.

Anyway, don’t mind the mess around here. Things are still being fiddled with. 🙂