You're hot, but you ain't so bright

So I got into quite the heavy argument with my dad last night. It started when I went into the kitchen to tell him that we were going to leave for Transformers 2 midnight show at around 9. He had hesitated, then proceeded to tell me that he would be dropping us off instead of me driving, because he was worried about my 12-year-old brother being out so late. At which point, I just blew up.

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Transformers 2 was…okay, I suppose. I really didn’t have any expectations for it, and I knew it was going to be long as hell, so I guess I liked it. The action scenes were unbelievably amazing. Seriously, you could take out all the parts with Shia and Megan Fox and the rest of the humans and it wouldn’t make a difference. Optimus Prime was just so freaking badass. But the rest of the movie? Ugh. The writing was horrible, and every other bit of dialogue kept making me cringe. The jokes were funny at first, but they were just so much more crude and outrageous that you just knew they threw it in there for kicks. The scene where Sam’s mom got high was so stupid. I hated the whole bit. Actually, I just hated the parents in general. I loved them in the first movie, but they trashed the mom in this sequel. I would say more, but I can’t believe I’ve wasted these many words on reviewing this movie already.

I did it!

Well, well, well. Here I am. With my own domain. After hours and hours of hard labor, not to mention years of waiting, I finally snagged my own little domain for myself. And I’m blogging again. Like for real bloggin’. I never thought I’d live to see the day. My YouTube channel will be linked with this blog. And yes, I found a fantastic online service for buying REAL views and subscribers.


I still have my LiveJournal for random scribbles, which I plan on keeping for more personal topics that I don’t feel I can share with the world here. Feel free to add me there if you’d like.

Now with all that aside, there is – take note of this – currently less than six hours left until the Transformers 2 midnight premiere! I’ve been planning for this excursion for weeks now, although the plans never really came to anything until last night. And it’s funny. A week ago I couldn’t find anyone to come watch it with me except for my brother, and now I’ve got people asking me what my plans are and whether we can meet up. Seriously, people? I gave up on ya’ll. Leave me alone.

The weather here in my part of Illinois is at a balmy 94º right now. That is insane. I thought that the atmosphere was just being a prick by making June all cold and rainy, and now we’ve got heat advisories popping up all over the area. I went swimming yesterday for the first time all summer, and it was bliss. Perfect way to cool off, not to mention I finally got tan. Being Filipino, I’m used to the tannage, but I was seriously starting to look paler than even my white friends.

Anyway, don’t mind the mess around here. Things are still being fiddled with. 🙂