My first Taste

“I’m still waiting for that brother who makes me that damn weak.”

I think I might have a huge crush on Keri Hilson right now. The woman is gorgeous. At the Taste concert yesterday, she just totally rocked the show. She wore these black and blue pants that I’m pretty sure I could never pull off in real life, and her in-between comments weren’t cheesy or rude, but friendly and charming. And her dancing is siiiick.

For the concert, we managed to get standing room right near up to the fence that separated the reserved seating from the open lawns for Keri’s set, so that was a blast. But while waiting for Ne-Yo to come on, though, my friends and I tried to see if they were still letting people in the seating area. We couldn’t find a way in, so we ended up losing our spots on the lawn. I had to settle for standing way in the back by some lamp post to listen to Ne-Yo. I couldn’t even see him on stage like I was able to see Keri, I had to watch him on the big screen. But he was pretty good too. His set lasted a lot longer, and he went off and sang all his slow, depressing songs in one long medley at one point, when all we wanted was to hear “Miss Independent.” But I enjoyed it overall.

As for the Taste itself, it was exactly how I thought it would be. I had fried cheese ravioli, which tasted warm and delicious considering the weather was cold and rainy. I’m going again Friday, and the forecast says it should be sunny and warm, so that should be much more exciting.

I seriously friggin’ love the city. Every time I go there, it just makes me more jealous that I’m stuck out in the suburbs. While on the L, we managed to get into the front car and I found out you can actually see through the window and watch as the train zips through the tunnels. It was pretty badass.

We're here for the bank's money, not yours

So I just came back from work — a 6 hour shift that ended up extending all the way to 2:45 in the morning thanks to Public Enemies. I had to (OK, more like offered to) preview one of the prints to make sure it was ready for tomorrow’s opening. And boy, am I ever glad I did! Not only did I just get paid for watching a movie, I got paid for basically watching two of the sexiest men ever play a game of cat and mouse onscreen. Johnny Depp was absolutely marvelous in this movie; seriously, I can’t recall seeing him any better. In all honesty, I stopped liking Johnny Depp after all the Pirates of the Caribbean hoopla, but damn the man is a good actor. As for Christian Bale, the guy honestly just manages to tug at my heartstrings no matter what role he plays. I don’t know how.

Oh, and Channing Tatum makes a random cameo in the beginning. I never liked him much, but I thought it was random. And apparently he gets major billing in the film, even though his appearance was quite short.

I just hope that I don’t end up regretting having to stay up late tonight, because tomorrow I’m going to the Taste of Chicago. For the very first time ever. Yes, that’s right. I’ve lived in the Chicago area for pretty much all my life, and I have yet to ever attend the annual summer festival. I used to be ashamed of this, but when I realized that there were actually other people like me out there, who’ve never gone, I felt much better. I’m super excited because Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson are due to perform in a free concert at the Taste. Hopefully it’ll be fun.

We build then we break

So The Fray and Jack’s Mannequin play tonight at Tinley Park — and I’m not there. I’m a bit frustrated. They’re my favorite band, and I couldn’t find a single soul to watch them with me. And it’s frustrating, because I made a promise to myself back in 2007 after I first saw them that I would go to their every major tour concert in Chicago, and already I couldn’t even keep it.

I don’t think I’m being very selfish by saying this, but why is it so hard for people to accommodate themselves for me? I’m starting to feel like all I do is give and give, and yet not one person so far this summer has ever bothered to really, truly ask me: “What is going on in your life right now?” I can think of one person whom I have seen at least every week this summer, and even though I know what’s going on in her life, I’m pretty sure that she has not yet considered asking me how the fuck I’m doing in mine. It’s the most difficult feeling to have, because it’s not like I have been holed up in this house the entire summer. I’ve actually been out, hanging out with people and working. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that people ask me to do things with them rather than vice versa. It just makes me feel more pathetic, how nobody ever bothers to listen to me anymore.

To make my mood even worse, the U.S. lost the Confed. Cup final to Brazil today. And I’m downright disappointed. Yes, this was valuable experience for them, but at the same time it was just repulsive the way the U.S. totally disappeared in the second half. A 3-2 result I’ll take, but I’m expecting much better next year in the World Cup.

On a much lighter note, I am super duper happy that the White Sox spanked the Cubs today, 6-0. 🙂

Finally, a Beckham I can like

A few things on my mind:

First things first: My White Sox beat the boys from the North Side today. It wasn’t an epic game of any kind, but boy oh boy, did Gordon Beckham save the day! I only managed to catch the last 3 innings of today’s Crosstown Classic, but seriously, it was like watching two snails try to race each other on a foot-long course. One team barely pulled ahead when the other caught up. It felt real good to see Scott Podsednik hitting it up again though. Kind of unreal to think that just a while ago ago he wasn’t even with the Sox anymore, what with his injuries and all. I’m glad we picked him back up again this year.

Numero Dos: Last week, my brother had randomly texted me the following while I was at work: “USA beats number one spain 2 to 0 in the semifinals.” I was so confused at first, I didn’t think he was talking about soccer — because, of course, what were the chances of a second-rate team like the U.S. beating the number one team in the world? I’m still in shock. Anyway, tomorrow’s the FIFA Confederations Cup final, and it’s the U.S. against Brazil. Hopefully we can compete well. I still have trouble grasping the fact that somebody my own age (freaking Jozy Altidore) helped to break Spain’s winning streak. A whole year until the World Cup! Yay.

Third: I didn’t really get to pay attention much to the NBA draft this year, so I don’t really have much to say about it. I did get to hear about the big blockbuster trades, though: Shaq to Cleveland, and Vince Carter to the Magic. I’ll miss Alston and Lee on the Magic; I grew to be fans of them during the playoffs. And honestly, I don’t know if Shaq’s got much left in him. I don’t think he’ll be the answer LeBron James is looking for.

Michael, this is for you

So I had a lot that I wanted to write about. Which I will probably get to eventually. There’s so much going on in sports that I’ve been wanting to give my .02 on, and I had a crazy day today in which I hung out with three different groups of people and spent only $3. But that will have to be for later.

Because right now, all I can think about is the fact that one of the greatest to ever walk this earth is now dead.

I “found out” when people’s Facebook statuses started popping up. And I knew things were serious when all of a sudden the radio stations were playing his music nonstop. When I came home from my social excursions, my dad was reminiscing of when Michael first came out back in the 70s. I started remembering my own childhood, growing up thinking that the music video for “Thriller” was some kind of horror film or that learning how to moonwalk meant you were cool.

I haven’t been this sad about a celebrity’s death since Heath Ledger. And despite all the allegations, all the cosmetic punch lines, I knew that deep down, he was just a human being like the rest of us.

So Michael, this is for you. Thank you for rocking this world.