The following is a list of current projects running on this domain:

Stargazer (

Stargazer is my baby. It’s my personal website, something that I’ve been trying to maintain since its inception in 2003. It has probably been in hiatus 3 or 4 times and revamped about 168438467 times in the interim. It’s been thrown around, abandoned, nursed and run through the mill like no other. It deserves much better, but sadly I can’t seem to scrounge up enough time for better. *pats it fondly*

Animato (

This little fan dedication is a small project of mine that I started in 2004 to support the Japanese singer Utada Hikaru and introduce her to American audiences. This was around the time that her album, Exodus, was released. Originally I wanted to merely promote the album, but my aim has now changed to focus more on her career as an English language artist, especially here in America. It’s a bit small, limited in scope and sparsely updated.

Kamaljit (

I have been a huge fan of British R&B artist Jay Sean since 2007, when one of my friends introduced me to his single “Ride It.” Since then, it’s been thrilling to see his career grow especially here in the States. In addition to being the TFL-approved fanlisting for the Cash Money artist, Kamaljit will soon also serve as a small fansite for the absolutely talented, gorgeous (and Punjabi!) singer.