All of bumplum‘s themes were designed and coded by me, Raisy, with the help of many awesome resources. They are pretty much optimized for Mozilla Firefox, and if you’re one of those lames who still uses Internet Explorer, they’re almost-optimized for that too. Theoretically they should look decent for you mobile and tablet device users as well.

And a special thanks goes out to the now-defunct for the tutorial I used when I first began making my own WordPress themes. You can find similar tutorials at

Title: Glowing
Released: July xx, 2013
Tools used: Squidfingers, PSP 9, Notepad
Created using: 1366×768 resolutions, Mozilla Firefox

A change from my usually dark color schemes, this theme utilizes a beach photo I took while in Mackinaw City, Michigan. Named after the song by Nikki Williams.

Title: Up Up & Away
Released: May 28, 2012
Tools used: PSP 9, Notepad
Created using: 1366×768 resolutions, Mozilla Firefox

I had a very specific vision for bumplum‘s fourth design, and while this wasn’t it, it’s pretty close. I took the photo while flying over Aklan province in the Philippines, hence the use of a Kid Cudi song as its namesake.

Title: Qué Vida La Mía
Released: January 11, 2011
Tools used: Hybrid Genesis, Squidfingers, PSP 9, Notepad
Created using: 1366×768 resolutions, Mozilla Firefox

Inspired by my semester abroad in Costa Rica, this theme uses a photo I took in the beach town of Puerto Viejo. As you can probably tell, at the time I was feeling very nostalgic for the beach while in the middle of another cold Chicago winter.

Title: Homecoming
Released: October 13, 2009
Tools used: Photoshop, Notepad
Created using: 1280×800 resolutions, Mozilla Firefox

I wanted something desperately to do with Chicago, and I finally picked a random picture I took of the skyline in 2009, and Photoshopped the hell out of it.

Title: Bum as a Plum
Released: June 22, 2009
Tools used: stock.xchng, PSP 7, Photoshop, Notepad
Created using: 1024×768 resolutions, Mozilla Firefox

This was something I created years back when I first started out on WordPress and was toying around with the idea of buying a domain. I liked its simplicity, and thought the purple and red plum theme would serve best.

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