bumplum (bum-plum, not bump-lum) serves as a portal for whatever web thing I decide I want to share with the world. Mainly, the domain is home to my snazzy little blog you see here.

This place was conceived as a result of extreme boredom sometime during the waning weeks of 2007, though it wasn’t until June of 2009 that it finally went online. The third in a line of collectives I’ve created in the 10+ years I’ve been web designing, my aim is to keep bumplum simple and personal. It’s mine and my own, so I will swat your hands away should they attempt to harm it.

Behind the Name

It was freshman year of high school, and my biology teacher was going over some of the elements of the periodic table. We came to the element lead and its symbol Pb. Somebody asked how on earth Pb could mean lead, and Mr. Perkins (at least, I think that’s what his name was…) went on to explain that Pb was short for plumbum, the Latin word for lead. We laughed and then moved on with the science lesson. But the word stuck with me. I started using Plumbum as a username on various message boards, and when time came to throw a name around for this little domain, I decided to resurrect its use. Switched the syllables around and voila!


This domain was registered on June 22, 2009 at Namecheap and is currently hosted with E-Starr. The website itself is maintained through WordPress, Notepad and FireFTP.

The current theme, Glowing, is the fifth layout designed for this domain.

If you feel that you are due credit for any part of this site that was not previously given, please feel free to contact me.