All your life you’ll dream of this

If it wasn’t so damn dangerous to be walking around campus at night by yourself, I would do it all the time.

I had to walk to the English building today for the usual Montage meeting, and it was at that time when the sun had already set but the sky was still a light sort of blue. The street lights were on, and it was chilly as hell, but it made for a nice brisk walk around campus. I had to walk through the Quad at one point, and needless to say, it is absolutely gorgeous at night. When the stars are out and the trees are swaying to the breeze… it put me in a good mood.

I also watched Cinderella today, the version with Brandy and Whitney Houston. I sang along to every song, every single word, as is my usual custom. 🙂 It’s truly my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ever. So glad I bought the DVD, but alas! I can’t seem to find the soundtrack online anywhere. Which is such a total shame, because I’d like to fall asleep listening to it tonight. Paolo Montalban’s voice is so entrancing.

I was a ‘sassy’ bitch today

So I actually bitched people out at work today. It was amazing.

One of my part-time jobs here at school is working the concessions stands at the home football games. Basically, we sell overpriced burgers and hot dogs to rich people who paid $130+ for their seats. One of the new items this season is chicken tenders, which for today’s game against Michigan State seemed to be extremely popular.

Now, our “policy” is basically that we always have to stock up beforehand on burgers and such before halftime begins, because halftime rushes come and go in like 2 minutes, and they are notoriously crazy. We’re supposed to stock all our warmers full of food, so that we can get as much business in as we can and so that customers don’t have to wait awkwardly for their food. Now, today that somehow didn’t happen. I worked cashier, and every time a customer ordered some chicken fingers, I would have to tell them that it would be about a 10 minute wait. At which point either they chose something else, waited, or just left without buying any food.

At this point, I was furious. Why didn’t the kitchen cook enough chicken fingers beforehand for halftime? Didn’t they fucking realize that things were getting very busy and that, as the direct link to the customer, it was seriously getting awkward for me to have to tell everyone they’re going to have to wait for their food?

So I went back into the kitchen, and basically bitched the four people (3 students and 1 middle-aged worker) out for not having cooked any chicken fingers ahead of time for the halftime rush. Now, I am not the most confrontational person in the world; this was seriously one of the rarest experiences I feel like I could ever have. Then they told me to calm down, that they weren’t supposed to cook chicken fingers ahead of time, and that the chicken fingers are supposed to be cooked to order. Basically, they were saying, “Fuck off.”

Word got around that I was being “sassy.” And apparently, the older woman was so shocked that I, this “short little Asian girl who seemed so quiet,” would have such an outburst.

Why is it that people always assume that I’m quiet and innocent?

That night was a good night

So due to some sort of security issue with new servers at E-Starr, I had to reinstall my WordPress. Hopefully all should be dandy now. The new server kept blocking me for the past couple of weeks, and it was getting extremely frustrating. I’ll re-upload my theme and reinstall plugins when I get the chance.

This past weekend was my roommate Amanda’s 21st! Needless to say, it was an extremely epic event. Every 21st birthday I have helped to celebrate thus far has yet to disappoint me. Since her birthday was yesterday (Sunday night), we celebrated Saturday night by having a hardcore pregame at our apartment, and then headed out to the bars. What was extremely irritating at first, however, was that Brothers refused to give her a 21+ wristband because “it was still the 3rd” and she ended up having to wait an hour and a half for it. Ridiculous. Everybody then proceeded to get drunk out of their minds (me included :D), I danced with a married man pretty much the entire night (I quote, “It’s not like I’m trying to have sex with you!”), had to chug a Long Island that someone bought me just before we were due to leave, and my roommate danced around barefoot (gross) as well as atop the stools.

All in all, it was a successful night.

Just a whole round of complaints

So I’m in a bit of a bad mood. That isn’t to say, necessarily, that I’m completely unhappy, but a chain of rather unfortunate events have been hampering me lately.

Where to begin? For starters, I finally took my Epson Stylus NX415 printer out of its box. I had bought it in July, thinking it would serve an important purpose once school popped up again. However, here I am now, back in school, only to find out that it did not come with a bloody USB cable. Those things come with a $34 price tag at most stores, and I’d have to wait god knows how long until an online order comes through the mail. Do I have any spare $34 lying around? It’s bad enough I had to spent $60 for it, not to mention another couple of bucks for the paper; do I really have to dole out more cash just to even get the thing set up?

Speaking of cash, I am so terribly, terribly broke. In fact, I nearly tear up every time I think about the state of my bank account. I have no idea how much exactly I have spent thus far on textbooks and the like, but I’m estimating around $400. Add onto that everything I have spent on groceries and other apartment needs, and I’m practically scraping the barrel. I don’t even want to think about the state it’ll be in shortly once the check goes through for the rent.

And so what is the result of these two underlying problems? I am planning on going back home this weekend for the Labor Day and to get the rest of my belongings that I couldn’t bring with me the first time around. But in order to find transportation home, I need to buy a bus ticket. A purchase I had meant to do after my last class of the day today. But of course, after my English class ended at around 1:50, I walked straight home, not thinking about what I had to do, but thinking about what I wanted to do, which was pretty much just to eat and sleep. So now here I am at home in my room, without a bus ticket. It’s not the most pressing of matters, but it’s not like I can just buy my ticket online. You know why? Because I can’t freaking install my printer yet without a USB cord.

As if it weren’t bad enough that my laptop is slowly decaying from the inside out!

On an amusing note, I randomly found this awesomely hilarious list: Top 10 Utterly Pointless USB Devices. I think I could do with burning my own effigy on a piece of bread!