Let’s see…I got out of my history class early today. Came home around 3:30. Immediately checked on White Sox season opener; at the time, Sox were up 14-0. Also ate some leftover pinto I made last night.

So really, I gave myself about a half hour to wind down from the day. Meant to jump back into studying around 4:30…but for a good 2.5 hours, I either laid in bed daydreaming or avoiding my homework. I managed to start studying for my sociology exam Monday at around 7:20…and am now taking a break from it.

Rather upset with myself now. I was doing SO good this week. Not only did I manage to survive my first week of schedule hell (as previously mentioned, I am now burdened with a 19-hour courseload, work, and a new internship), I got all my homework in on time. And it was all quality work, too. Then yesterday I hit a bit of a snafu. I passed out immediately when I got home from my last class at 4, and didn’t wake up until 8:30ish. Figured I’d relax for an hour before hitting the books again.

Then, lo and behold, my friends started blowing up my phone around 10, 10:30. I ended up going out with them to a couple bars. One thing here I should mention: when I thought I wasn’t going out, I took an Advil around 10pm to relieve a headache I’d been having all day. I inconveniently forgot all about this, naturally, as an hour later I began taking shots, double fisting, and accepting free drinks from others. Needless to say, I was very very close to vomiting my brains out. My body is still reeling from the effects of last night, lol.

And now it’s almost 8pm on this Friday night. Whilst I had no plans of going out (was hoping to go to a gymnastics meet with my roommate since I can’t go tomorrow, but oh well), I am feeling rather lonely. It’s 8pm and neither of my roommates are home yet. I don’t quite like this, I don’t like feeling alone!! And what is it they can be doing without me?!

Spring break!

“Anak…please, don’t be tanga tanga!!” (Anak = child, tanga = dumb)

Ah, the parting words of wisdom my mother offered me tonight on Skype. I’m set to leave tomorrow afternoon with my roommates for our spring break trip. The plan is to drive to St. Louis to meet with our friend, who lives in the area and went home there earlier tonight. Then it’s off to Daytona Beach for the weekend, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando on Monday! Then I’ll be back in Champaign Wednesday, and home in the suburbs Thursday,


Back on that grind

Warning: Possible TMI 😉 So yesterday I thought my period came. I woke up to find bleeding. Normally I do get my period on Mondays…but the thing is, I’m still in the ‘white pill’ part of my birth control cycle and technically I should not be getting my period until next week! The other thing is, I get this heavyish flow that only lasts from morning til afternoon. It happened yesterday and it’s happening today too, where there’s no blood at night. And another, third thing is, the blood is not normal-colored. Like it looks, at times, more orangeish than red. WTF is wrong with my body?!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve been waking up every morning with a buttload of phlegm in my throat and terrible congestion up my nose. Way to make me feel even more shitty, body.

This week was my first ‘hell week’ in a really long time (not since last May!). I had an exam yesterday morning and two major papers due today. I didn’t start studying/working hardcore til last Friday, but I’m thinking I totally rocked the exam yesterday. And I managed to pump out my 5-page English paper on Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman in 2.5 hours. Guess I still got that good college student thing in me.

Hmm, you know I’m sure had plenty of things to blog about besides my body weirdness, school and boys. But that’s all I can think of at the moment!

I’m sick

So I am currently physically ill. As well as mentally deranged, emotionally fucked up. I’m even just too drained to be depressed about anything really. I’m just…floating by. With this dumb sore throat.

I missed both my classes today for various reasons. Thanks to last week’s historic snow day and a certain distraction over the weekend, I totally neglected my schoolwork and discovered only last night that I had another 2-page reaction paper due today. Which required about 60+ pages of reading. Didn’t also help that I had to go in to work last night. I ended up waking early today to do the paper, subsequently deciding to skip the class the paper was for entirely (it was due online at noon). I then fell asleep around 10 a.m. with the hopes that I would wake up in time for my 1 p.m. class. Didn’t happen. I woke up at 1:30.

Since then, I’ve been dallying around in my room (mostly on my bed), trying to do something productive but to no avail. My distraction (or should I say distractions?) is distracting me.

I don’t get why my love life always seems to be in full force during spring semesters. It was like this last year too, I swear. Anyway, long story short: I met a boy over the weekend and saw him everyday. He is, to be honest, perfect for me in many ways. But…he is not The Boy. And dumb me, The Boy is still stuck in the back of my mind. So much so that my roommate has forced me to text The Boy to see him in person and decide for myself whether it’s truly over or not so that I can move on with this new boy.

Doesn’t help that I’ve developed a small fever, sore throat and fatigue. And that I have a take-home exam and short paper due this week. As well as work. Bahh.

A short collection of pointless quotations

Amongst the inside jokes my friends and I are continually forming during our time abroad here:

“It feels like I’m walking on…rocks.”
“That’s because…we are?”

“I’m totally not as sloppy as her!”

“I feel like Angelina on MVP night.”

“It’s the bread before the bread.”

“Hey guys, so what’s your 5-year plan?”

“But why is the rum gone?”

“She sounds like a man!”

“I made out with four guys in the past 24 hours!”

“You speak six languages? You must have a good tongue.”

“I’m going to fuck the guts out of that girl.”

“No soy un color!”

“I feel like a Chilean miner in here.”

“Shots on the corner, weed in the park.”

ETA: This recent one just HAD to be added in:

“This is my fucking country. I’m a cowboy!”