The Class of 2009

I’m a little tipsy at the moment, so forgive me for any glaring, obvious mistakes or hilarities that may spew out of my mouth (fingers?).

So I spent a good two hours watching the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight, and boy oh boy did it get me all teary-eyed and nostalgic. I’d almost forgotten how awesome the NBA used to be back in the ’90s, before weasels like LeBron and the like came around. Michael Jordan was friggin’ crying when he came onto the stage to give his speech, and all the highlight reels of David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, and everyone else made me so happy as a basketball fan. And seeing everyone else like Scottie, Tim Duncan, Kukoc in the audience made me so giddy.

So thanks, Michael. MJ. You were practically my hero growing up, and thanks for all the basketball awesomeness you graced the world with in your career.

Which reminds me…NBA season is coming soon!!! In like two months, but soon!!!! 🙂

Stupid, little things that shouldn't matter

I don’t think I’ve ever quite stressed out so much over such a trivial homework assignment. I have a two-page response for my ENGL 210 class due Friday, and I was so determined to at least get a substantial amount of it done tonight, that I started stressing out when I couldn’t concentrate or figure out where to begin. If this is what I’m going to be like over a stupid response essay, how the fuck am I going to handle the numerous amount of papers that will be going my way in the next couple of months?

So last week I lost my scissors. Nothing life threatening, I know. But deep inside, it’s irritating the hell out of me. I can’t seem to find it in this damned apartment. My roommates have laughed off this problem of mine, because they were, after all, just a pair of scissors. A child-sized, small pink-and-purple pair of scissors. Which is exactly why this loss is bothering me.

I am such a pack rat. I keep everything if it has any semblance of personal and sentimental value. I tend to keep things I don’t really need, like packaging and boxes of really expensive items I have bought (like my iPod mini — I think I still have its original packaging). As for this particular pair of scissors… well, it is a pair of scissors that I have had in my possession for roughly 12 years. That’s nearly half my life. A perfectly functional pair of 12-year-old scissors, and I have misplaced them somewhere. And I am freaking out over it. One of my roommates actually bought me a new pair of scissors today, since I have pretty much whined all over the place about how I can’t find these pink scissors. I don’t know, is there anybody out there who can actually properly sympathize with me? It’s an object that I have carried with me through childhood and adolescence, and now it’s lost somewhere in a living environment that I don’t even live in full-time. I’m not losing that much sleep over this pathetic problem, but it still bothers me to the point where I’m whining about it here on my blog. That in itself is pretty pathetic.

Just a whole round of complaints

So I’m in a bit of a bad mood. That isn’t to say, necessarily, that I’m completely unhappy, but a chain of rather unfortunate events have been hampering me lately.

Where to begin? For starters, I finally took my Epson Stylus NX415 printer out of its box. I had bought it in July, thinking it would serve an important purpose once school popped up again. However, here I am now, back in school, only to find out that it did not come with a bloody USB cable. Those things come with a $34 price tag at most stores, and I’d have to wait god knows how long until an online order comes through the mail. Do I have any spare $34 lying around? It’s bad enough I had to spent $60 for it, not to mention another couple of bucks for the paper; do I really have to dole out more cash just to even get the thing set up?

Speaking of cash, I am so terribly, terribly broke. In fact, I nearly tear up every time I think about the state of my bank account. I have no idea how much exactly I have spent thus far on textbooks and the like, but I’m estimating around $400. Add onto that everything I have spent on groceries and other apartment needs, and I’m practically scraping the barrel. I don’t even want to think about the state it’ll be in shortly once the check goes through for the rent.

And so what is the result of these two underlying problems? I am planning on going back home this weekend for the Labor Day and to get the rest of my belongings that I couldn’t bring with me the first time around. But in order to find transportation home, I need to buy a bus ticket. A purchase I had meant to do after my last class of the day today. But of course, after my English class ended at around 1:50, I walked straight home, not thinking about what I had to do, but thinking about what I wanted to do, which was pretty much just to eat and sleep. So now here I am at home in my room, without a bus ticket. It’s not the most pressing of matters, but it’s not like I can just buy my ticket online. You know why? Because I can’t freaking install my printer yet without a USB cord.

As if it weren’t bad enough that my laptop is slowly decaying from the inside out!

On an amusing note, I randomly found this awesomely hilarious list: Top 10 Utterly Pointless USB Devices. I think I could do with burning my own effigy on a piece of bread!

This laptop sucks

Oh, what a flurry of activity the past couple of weeks have been. I don’t even know where to start recounting them. The most pressing matter at the moment is my stupid laptop. Something has gone awry; its CPU Usage has been fluctuating from 4% to 97% constantly, and it is starting to seriously piss me off. The Commit Charge isn’t even at alarming levels or anything, and although there seems to be far more processes running than there should be, none of them are taking up so much memory as to cause my laptop to run so freaking slow. This all started when I imported Coldplay’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, which I had just bought, into iTunes a couple of weeks ago. The CD didn’t burn as quickly and as quietly as all my other CDs did, and after it was done importing, the computer just seemed to slowly start decaying. And now I’m afraid to perform any other functions, such as using my webcam or finally installing my printer. I can barely listen to music; my iTunes, YouTube, and everything else just stutters at random intervals. What the fuck, what the fuck.

There’s so much more that I want to say, but I think I’m going to try this new thing called sleeping early for once. 🙂

A dream-mare?

Last night I had a dream that, if it were real, would have been one of the best dreams ever. But in this dream, I was somehow dreaming in the dream. So I knew the dream wasn’t real. I don’t know if this makes any sense.

The “good” part of the dream involved a boy, a boy whom I have always thought was cool in the two years that I have known him. I never had a serious crush on him, but I still have wanted him at times all the same. In this dream, things were normal. I walked away from him, but then all of a sudden we kissed and he was confessing his feelings for me. I was in shock, because I thought that after all this time, nothing could ever happen between us. But he kept reassuring me and coming on to me.

The frightening part is the fact that although all of this felt very good on the inside, somehow I was still terrified. It was as if I knew that I was dreaming all of this, and I had to keep telling myself that none of it was real, that it was all a dream. And this was occurring within the dream itself. It was like a dream and a nightmare all wrapped up in one seriously weird cycle. When I woke up, I didn’t have that sweaty feeling I usually get after nightmares, but I didn’t have that “OMG, I want to go back to sleep so I can keep dreaming!” sensation either. I just wished that I didn’t dream it, because it wasn’t making me feel any better about anything.

I’m supposed to be leaving for Champaign in 10 hours. I am much more excited to be returning than I was earlier today, but all the same, I am not packed whatsoever. My room still looks like a disaster zone.