25 Random Facts

  1. My two brothers and I used to be the only kids in our generation on our dad’s side, until his sister adopted a baby. On my mom’s side of the family, though, we’re the youngest of many.
  2. My mom claims she found my name in a baby book; it also coincidentally happens to be the name of Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife. And I know it’s not a common name, but it still peeves me when people can’t get it right.
  3. It takes me forever to get ready whenever I’m going out. Whether it’s with my friends or to a family party, I’m always the last one everyone’s waiting for. I can start getting ready before everyone else, and still be last. I don’t know why.
  4. I’m obsessed with the NBA, the Chicago Bulls especially. I even made my parents name my youngest brother Michael when he was born.
  5. To go off that, I just love sports in general. Other than basketball, I love soccer (USMNT, Arsenal F.C.) and baseball (Chicago White Sox). And I love playing sports, too, although I’m not actually real good at them.
  6. I have old man crushes on James Caan, Victor Garber and Dustin Hoffman.
  7. I’m very organized. My closet is sickeningly neat. I actually like to clean.
  8. I like to eat a lot. I’m a snacker. I don’t do big meals, I’m just always constantly eating something.
  9. I was an English major during college. Not an education major. I was an English major because I like to read and write, not because I want to teach.
  10. When my parents came to America, they first lived in Detroit because that’s where my mom’s sisters had settled. Then one of my dad’s relatives told him how great Chicago was, and they came here.
  11. I don’t believe in organized religion. I grew up Catholic (with Muslim relatives, mind you) but when I was around 12, I stopped believing. I still have my own spiritual beliefs, but I don’t label or classify them.
  12. I have an almost-invisible scar on the right side of my face that came about when I ran into a wall as a kid.
  13. I tend to almost always fall for guys I know I can’t have or be with. (7/16/13: Crossing this out for the moment…)
  14. I’m always quoting song lyrics. In my away messages, Facebook statuses, blog entry titles. They’re my mantras.
  15. I’m the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet. At my old apartment at school, I used to sleep under a White Sox comforter and a Transformers fleece blanket, with posters of Audrey Hepburn and Sex and the City hanging on my walls.
  16. I want to travel throughout the world someday. Badly. So bad that it almost hurts. (7/16/13: This fact seems a little outdated now, as I have been fortunate to travel to several places since the writing of these facts)
  17. I listen to a very wide range of music: Frederic Chopin, Lupe Fiasco, The Fray, Camila, Lily Allen, Alicia Keys, Keane, Franz Liszt, Michael Buble, Daddy Yankee, The Beatles, musical soundtracks — quite literally, almost EVERYTHING.
  18. I love love love LOVE non-American-English accents.
  19. I’m very comfortable as one of the guys. I play video games and watch SportsCenter. And a lot of action movies like The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, 300, etc.
  20. I’m obsessed with old school Disney. I still use my Aladdin and Little Mermaid pillow cases, and I can’t stand anything Disney nowadays. HSM and Jonas Brothers can go jump off a cliff for all I care. (7/16/13: In the four years since I’ve written this, now the Jonas Brothers and HSM have become old school! Yikes)
  21. I’ve been going through digital cameras at an unfortunate rate. I got one for Christmas in 2006, which then broke twice, once in February of ’07 and again that June. My mom kindly gave me another one for Christmas in 2007, which unfortunately fell into a toilet during a drunken incident in April 2008. I finally bought one myself on Black Friday in 2008 and had been carefully using it… (1/12/11: Correction!) until the LCD screen started spewing out “Lens Error!” during a trip to the beach in November 2010.
  22. I find #21 to be ironic considering I’ve had the same iPod mini for 4 years now (10/13/09: Correction! I now use an iPod Touch, yay), and I’ve also never broken a phone (3/21/10: Another correction! My Samsung Blast failed on me late 2009).
  23. I used to work at a movie theater. While the job itself wasn’t the greatest, the people were awesome and I totally dug the free movies.
  24. I can be a harsh critic. I judge people a lot; it’s just up to you to prove me wrong.
  25. 25 is my favorite number because my birthday is on the 25th. And so is Christmas. It’s such a pretty, round number. And the perfect way to end this 25-facts list.

This page was originally written Feb. 1, 2009 and was last updated July 16, 2013.