Determined to make November better


Who would’ve thunk that four days after my friend and I separately bought a Darth Vader mask and Mickey Mouse hat and decided to put them together for the heck of it, Disney would announce they now basically own the Star Wars franchise after having bought out Lucasfilm from good ol’ George? I kid you not, we were just playing around with our new toys last weekend with absolutely no clue that this little merger was about to happen. And to tell you the truth, I have no idea how I feel about it. I personally don’t want any more Star Wars movies. I mean, I sort of do. But at the same time I feel like we need to leave things be.

Today is (now) November 3. Saturday. In the past week I’ve:

  • Returned to my alma mater for a homecoming reunion and usual merriment with friends;
  • Celebrated Halloween in Chicago as Padme Amidala, but been furious when everyone at the bar called me Princess Leia;
  • Made a decision to do “No Drink December”—a play on the “No Shave November,” I’m going cease alcohol consumption for the entire month until New Year’s Eve (why not just start now? Well, I figure there’s less opportunities for me to get tempted in December…at least that’s the thought);
  • Formulated a more concrete five-year life plan, one in which I finally, really, truly move out to another country;
  • Re-watched both Bridget Jones movies and The King’s Speech, and determined that the real reason I’m still single is because Colin Firth has set the bar insanely high;
  • Finished re-reading Bookends by Jane Green and Animal Husbandry by (don’t remember her name now); and
  • Bought the new novel by Zadie Smith, NW, and been debating on whether to read that first or This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz.

Good night world.

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