So long Ryder Cup

Today was a return to normalcy. No more hour-long commutes, no more hordes of giant coach buses taking up so much room on the highways, no more PGA signs designating where visitors can park and go. Sadly, though, that also means no more sightings of Justin Timberlake.

Yes, there was a giant golf tournament that took place near my home over the past week. In a battle between the U.S. and Europe, it was the latter that came out on top in what I surmised to be an upset. In a battle between my sanity and traffic, well, it was also the latter that continued to trump. The Medinah Country Club just so happens to be on my way to the office, so every day last week was an awful test of my patience. Going to work wasn’t as bad as coming home—now that was tortuous.

But on the bright side, there were many celebrities that came to town for the Ryder Cup (who knew?!), including none other than our favorite glorious Justin Timberlake, who apparently took part in a celebrity golf challenge and also found time to explore my neck of the woods. It was my friend’s cousin who spotted him hanging out at the Lucky Strike establishment where she worked. Why my friends and I didn’t put more effort into stalking JT—I mean, finding out what kind of bars he’d be hanging out at—we will never know.

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