Is it freaking sad that I’m 22 years old and yet I feel like my best years are now behind me? That my life is basically over, and all I have to look forward to now is endless years of work, loan repayments, bills and other shitty adult matters? When will I ever be able to dance in the streets of small Central American villages again? When will I get to sit on rotted tree logs on the beach at one in the morning again? When can I ever have late night dance parties and vodka drinks with my roommates?

It’s 11:53 right now. Not even midnight, but it’s way past my bedtime already. I’ve been trying to squeeze in time this week to organize my accounts and bills and shit. For goodness sake, I have trouble finding time to SHOWER, let alone do the stuff grown-ups are supposed to do.

But in other news, I BOUGHT A CAR. My first car. It’s a black 2012 Honda Civic coupe, so beautiful, I’m in love with it. I’ve never been one to ever care about shiny cars, but damn I’m starting to understand the appeal. Picking out a car was like how I imagined picking out a wand would be. Lots of decision-making and careful consideration.

And so, on a positive note…at least I get to drive my brand-spanking new car to work tomorrow bright and early!

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