Life is starting to get to me

I really want to cry. I didn’t get any stuff done tonight, and it was one of my rare nights off from work. Instead of cleaning my room or paying bills (I got slapped with a $25 late fee because even though the online system claims my payment will be posted to the due date, it fucking didn’t and now I fucking hate credit cards with a burning passion—the HSBC Best Buy store card in particular) or updating my calendars, I went shopping with my mom, paraded around the room in my new clothes, and talked on the phone with my roommate (old roommate, I guess I should say…obviously we don’t live together anymore). And now it’s 10:52, way past my bedtime, AND I’VE GOT NOTHING DONE. MY ROOM IS STILL A MESS, I HAVE YET TO SORT THROUGH MY FINANCES, AND I NEED TO SLEEEEEEEP.

There’s also a good possibility I’m PMS-ing right now. Which would be great, because I expected my period last week and it would be nice if it could come now so that I can start birth control pills again like I originally planned to—last week.

My mood also shot down the toilet tonight when my dad started lecturing me about how when he first came to America he worked two menial jobs, from 6 a.m. to midnight and didn’t complain (which I totally don’t believe, there’s no way you can’t ever complain about a life like that). Like seriously dude, I was joking when I said 10 was my bedtime (I aim for 10:30) and that I wanted a break from working (by break I mean a bloody vacation, not calling in sick, silly).

And now I’m fucking wasting my time blogging instead of doing the actual things I’ve been meaning to do!! Waahhhhhhhh.

(I’m slightly sorry about the above entry. Please excuse my excessive swearing and whining.)

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