It’s that time of the year again

I had to use my Spanish skills today at work. Actually no, strike that, I didn’t have to, I sort of stumbled into it. This mother and her kids came up to the counter with their merchandise, and the youngest girl greeted me with an “Hola.” I smiled and said hola back. Her mom smiled at me too, and then it slipped out. I asked her if they were all set in Spanish, and then she starts blithering away about how her son liked this one pair of jeans he tried on but there wasn’t a price on it and if I could look it up for her. The funny thing is, I really did understand about 90% of the stuff this woman was saying. I just didn’t know, for the most part, how to respond right away without translating everything in my head. I ended up doing the transaction with this woman in Spanglish. And responding with “Con gusto” instead of “De nada” when she thanked me. I forget that they only say that in Costa Rica.

My birthday is next week and I’m not sure what to do (or indeed if I should do anything at all, I hate making birthday plans for myself). I know I want to go out to dinner at the Costa Rican restaurant in Chicago, Irazu, but I don’t know when. I don’t know if I should pick a club or bar to go to. I don’t know if I have to make reservations if I do do that. This is my first birthday at home in four years, and I don’t know what the fuck to do. I hate birthdays!

Speaking of birthdays, this is my first birthday that I won’t be spending at a school. At the beginning of a school year. The first birthday where I don’t have to worry about figuring out classes and all that good jazz. I’m not moving back to college, I’m not thinking about syllabus week or buying books. Nor am I packing up four months of my life to go live abroad in a completely foreign country. Normally this would be the part where I think about how I have nothing to look forward to while everyone goes back to school, but my internship does start next week. So life is changing. Somewhat.

One thought on “It’s that time of the year again”

  1. See, now THAT is cool. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish (among a few other languages) but I’ve never had the knack for it. Isn’t it lovely when things happen unexpectedly and it leaves you beaming haha.

    For clubs and bars (or maybe it’s different in the States?) you don’t need to book for that unless you’re booking out a function room. I hate birthdays too, the planning of them always drives me up the wall.

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