Today was somewhat of an improvement

My dad informed me that I will be getting my first paycheck from him this Friday. So yay, money. I also lined up two job interviews for later this week. One is an informational interview with a company that somehow found my information and contacted me. The other is for a part-time retail job. It’s all better than nothing, right?

So at any rate, you know how they say don’t drink and drive, give the keys to you friends, yada yada? Well they don’t seem to have a saying for the “make-sure-friend-knows-to-turn-lights-on-so-bitchy-suburban-cops-don’t-hand-you-dumb-fine” situation. I went out to the bars in the River North area this weekend, having driven to my cousin’s friend’s apartment in the city earlier. I, of course, end up drinking away happily and at the end of the night we arrange for my sober cousin (whose house I was supposed to be sleeping at that Saturday night) to drive my car back to her house while her boyfriend drove hers. Well, unfortunately neither of us noticed that the lights on my car were not turned on while she drove. Since her car automatically turns its lights on, she just didn’t think to check with mine. Once we hit the suburbs, we realized our mistake and then the cops pulled us over immediately after our lights were finally turned on. Like seriously…what the fuck? Someone remind me to pay my cousin for my half of the ticket fine she was issued…

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