Hooray for being productive

I’m exhausted and I feel like I’ve worked an entire, laborious 9-to-5 workday (except without the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be paid for it). Here’s what I managed to do:

  • Fixed my virus problem! A few weeks ago (a couple of days after I returned from the Philippines, to be exact) my Windows unexpectedly went nuts on me. Everything disappeared, leaving just my wallpaper for me to look at. When the Start bar reappeared, my anti-virus software kept popping up to inform me there was a serious security threat to my computer (as if I hadn’t already caught onto that, laptop). After my anti-virus quarantined the threats, everything seemed fine…except my programs wouldn’t launch. My anti-virus and Sticky Notes wouldn’t launch upon start, and everything else would give me an “Open with…” prompt. Eventually I was able to use my laptop’s programs by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator,” but even I knew that wasn’t a proper solution; some programs still wouldn’t start, and in fact, my Adobe Reader started effing up on me and I couldn’t view PDFs for a while. After a lot of Googling, I fiddled around with the registry and downloaded this program. Now everything seems to be back to normal…for now.
  • I went through this blog’s pages and updated/re-wrote a few things here and there. I’ve also decided to be more proactive with my social media outlets (which in themselves are very few) and went through them, adjusting settings and cleaning up links. I’m keeping links to my Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts off this website for now, although I’m sure if anyone really wanted to and tried they could probably find me anyways. I’m also reviving the use of my LJ, though for what purposes I still don’t know yet. My domain plans will have to be explained further in a later post.
  • Looked for more ways to beef up my profile and more jobs to apply to. This is self-explanatory.

…and I know there’s more that I did but now it’s past midnight, thunderstorms are rumbling, and I’m dead tired.

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