This life of mine

Welps, I just spent my entire day crafting a new layout for this blog. And you know what, it feels good. Like I legit got something done today. It sort of commemorates this new phase in my life, the post-study abroad me. And even though I’ll probably be drowning in sadness just gazing upon this lone palm tree I encountered in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, hey at least now I can go and try on all the goods I bought at the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual today while waiting to pick up my brother.

(An FYI: This blog entry’s title is my rough English translation of the new theme’s name, “Qué Vida La Mía,” which in turn was named after the song by Mexican pop/rock band Reik. Just in case, ya know, you were wondering.)

3 thoughts on “This life of mine”

  1. Nice layout! Palm trees are so tall, they look scary.

    Don’t be sad! You should be kind of like those old people who talk about their good days in the past happily. Jolliness for the win!

  2. Nice color choice, though it would help if you had a border for the title (bumplum) or a different color. I can’t read it very well.

    Erm sorry… I’m an evil person and can’t just compliment you… but it’s nothing personal, I do it to everyone =_=;

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