No more winter wonderland, please

I used to be such a winter person. Not that it was my absolute favorite season, because I loved them all equally, but because it could be just as fun as summer. I loved playing in the snow with my brothers (and roommates, as it came to be in college), bundling up in pretty layers for the cold and looking at all the pretty holiday lights, especially in the city.

All bundled up and ready! (…Not on the inside)

And now, because I never got to transition properly into this Midwestern winter since I didn’t get to experience autumn this year, I am utterly, bitterly and miserably cold. To the point where I can barely do anything but sit on my couch and shiver in annoyance. Too cold to even bundle up and warm my car to drive to the library or Barnes or the mall or my usual favorite haunts.

It’s funny how 4 months of tropical weather erased my 20 years of winter fondness.

I go back to school early Sunday morning. Trying to pack is a bit of a bitch. I don’t know how I managed to pack a whole semester of my life into two suitcases for Costa Rica; I’ve already got a box, duffel bag, one giant container and 3/5 of my suitcase packed. I feel slightly guilty for having so many possessions when I know that it’s possible I can live off so few. But then again, I won’t be having a wonderful host mom to do my laundry every week back in Chambana.

By the way, has everyone heard about the whole shifting of zodiac signs thing? Everyone seems to be up in arms about it on Facebook. I am now no longer a Virgo, I am now a Leo. Huh.

3 thoughts on “No more winter wonderland, please”

  1. I am SO sick of winter! It’s been nearly -40C this week, and it’s just PAINFUL. I miss being able to go places without being weighed down by a jacket, gloves, hats… I just want to throw on a sweater, grab my bag and go out!

  2. I loved winter as a little kid, and now, not so much anymore. Not since I grew out of snow days and playing in the snow. And especially not since I moved to California for school. I am always really cold whenever I first go home in the winter for the same reason as you.

    Zodiac signs shifting? LOLS!

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