Life’s a fickle thing, ain’t it

Earlier this week I found out I wouldn’t be able to return to my seasonal job for winter break. Apparently all my files were already gone from the system and it would have been too much of a hassle to do paperwork again just for two weeks of work (which is totally unfair because I’ve already been home for nearly two weeks, so in total that’s almost a whole month of labor I could have gotten). But they did say they were very much willing to take me back once I return home for good after graduation. Not sure what upsets me more, the fact that I’m just going to end up poorer and poorer or that I now officially have nothing to do for the remainder of break.

Or the fact that technically, I am now *shudders* unemployed. I really need to start figuring my shit out.

Yesterday I chatted with one of the friends I left behind in Costa Rica (actually, he’s one of those boys I was talking about, but again that story is for another time). He most certainly is not in the holiday spirit, and it saddens me. Background: This guy came to Costa Rica from Nicaragua about a year ago to join his older brother. Now, Nicaraguans aren’t exactly the most welcome of people in C.R. — it’s kind of how Mexicans are viewed here in the United States. He and his brother have been mostly working odd jobs as bartenders to save money for their family. Well, yesterday this boy informed me that both he and his brother are out of work and now struggling. He’s even considering going back to Nicaragua since he has no real friends in C.R. anyway, and was super sad about spending Christmas alone. Just talking to this guy was depressing enough; it almost makes me feel terrible for kind of breaking his heart.

And makes me even more wary of my own employment troubles.

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