I fail

So I’m due to leave my house in about 10 minutes before my pre-adventure to the Panama adventure. Our transport is set to leave at 3 in the morning (ugh!) so several of us have decided to just get together, drink and party it up until around 2:45, then head over to school to board the bus. I’ve already taken a shot of Cacique to get me started. It’s a lot stronger than I remember, ’cause for some reason I’m definitely feeling it. o_0

Although this is technically classified as a school field trip, as I like to say, I’m starting to feel like I’m about to go on the greatest vacation of my life (as if this study abroad experience isn’t already enough of a vacation in itself!). We’re headed to Bocas del Toro in Panama (Google it, it’s gorgeous) for 4 days of fun in the sun, beaches, dolphins, and god knows what else. Someone got wind of a bar in Bocas as well, a little hostel called Aqua Lounge where apparently patrons can jump off a roof and splash in the ocean. It’s my mission for this weekend.

It’s been feeling like a Friday all day today. We played soccer after class, and I’m proud to say that I finally scored a goal. I rebounded a shot that my friend had blocked, lobbed it over him and into the net. It was glorious. I still suck compared to everyone else (considering a majority of them are males) but I’m glad to say I can hold my own. I hope to improve very much while I’m here in Costa Rica!

So I think I shall go take another shot and head out for my glorious Panamanian aventura. Hasta luego…

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