Ain’t nothing like them summer nights

My summer’s nearly a month old, but I still feel like it’s barely started. Which doesn’t make sense, because I’ve had more crazy shit happen in the past few weeks than the past two semesters combined.

Well, here’s my official toast to you, Summer of 2010. Here’s to more nights where friends drunkenly lock themselves in the bathroom. Scoping out the bars, going on the prowl. Finally finishing up that bottle of Bacardi 151.

Here’s to running across Frat Park in the middle of the afternoon to get ice cream from the ice cream man (who knew they were around on college campuses?). Swimming at the ARC and checking out all the hot guys. Crashing your next-door-neighbors’ house parties.

Here’s to trying to see how many free drinks you can score off of boys at Cly’s. Cheering for the Blackhawks at Firehaus. Trying new drinks because you just happened to pull a #30 out of the pitcher at Joe’s (tequila water = disgusting).

Here’s to baking even more brownies. Random daytime activities, like going to the Krannert Art Museum and interviewing people on the Quad. Late night chick flick marathons that turn into Guitar Hero and pokey stix at 3 in the morning. Pregaming for things like the midnight show of Sex and the City 2.

Here’s to chatting up one of the SafeWalk student patrols on the corner of Fourth and John and listening to his adorable accent. Singin’ in the rain. Catching up on all my shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy.

Here’s to every drink special we have taken advantage of: $5 Fishbowls, $1 jager bombs, $1 shots, $3 martinis, $2 you-call-its, $2 beer specials, and god knows what else. And here’s to my liver most likely giving out on me at the end of the summer.

Disclaimer: I swear I’m not alcoholic. I just like to have fun. 😉

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