Not feeling so Snuggie

I’m finding that the longer I neglect my blogging, the more difficult it becomes to put into words just exactly how my life is going.

Am I happy? I can’t quite say. I’m not completely content with the way my life has been going the past few weeks. Once again, I’m in a situation where I’ve set my expectations way too high and as a result I’m moping around because nothing has gone the way I thought they would be. A part of me was expecting winter break to be a fluid continuation of summer. But it’s not. There are people I was hoping to catch up with and people I have been wanting to see. But it seems that winters are my curse. The world has forgotten about me.

I didn’t mean for that to sound as depressing as it did. And now I’m feeling a bit more sad than I intended.

In other news, we (my brother and I) found a Snuggie in the family room today. It was laying folded on top of the sofa we were sitting on, and assuming it was a blanket, Jeff asked me to hand it over to him. But neither of us had ever seen it before. So Jeff unfolded it and was confused. I had never seen a Snuggie up close in person before. It just looks like a massive piece of cloth with two tubes attached. It’s hideous. But Jeff didn’t believe me when I said that Snuggies were supposed to be “blankets with arms” and he started wearing it as a robe.

Turned out the Snuggie came from a casino my parents had gone to over the weekend. I still hate them. They’re still ugly as fuck.

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