Bah, humbug

I can’t quite say I’m in the holiday spirit right now. And no, that isn’t just because I have a slew of final exams and papers breathing down my neck at the moment.

I just don’t…feel it.

And I mean, I’ve been hearing Christmas music nonstop since Halloween. Our apartment is beautifully decorated with a tree, lights, menorah, everything. But it seriously still feels like summer was only just two weeks ago. You can throw all the 14 degree weather at me, and I still feel like I should be at home doing summery things like play ball or drive to the mall with the windows down.

But then again. I do have quite the slew of final exams and papers breathing down my neck, just waiting for me to tackle them with the typical frenzy of a madwoman infected by one of those diseases you see in zombie films (think Quarantine). Three exams and two papers in one week. How the fuck do they expect us to accomplish all this and still be sane enough to come back for the next semester? More importantly, are they ever going to compensate for the loss of sleep we routinely miss at this time of the year?

And the madwoman frenzy I truly feel will be coming on soon. I tried to make Rice Krispie treats earlier tonight as a friendly parting gift for my SPAN 208 class tomorrow, but the pot I was trying to make them in apparently wasn’t as clean as I thought it was, so the marshmallows I was trying to melt ended up turning gooey brown. It doesn’t taste as disgusting as it looks, but the treats have already hardened a bit too well, and I don’t think I made enough for everyone. Epic fail #1.

Epic fail #2 came when I decided to clean up my eyebrows just a few minutes ago. After a few plucking here and there, I took my scissors out to shorten the length of some of the hairs. But I think it worked a little too well on my left eyebrow. It doesn’t look too disastrous, but my OCD is preventing me from feeling OK with it.

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