Sore and sore all around

I woke up today to the most curious sensation.

I couldn’t move.

I seriously couldn’t. I lifted my head and tried to shift my body, turning to face the left side of my bed instead of the right, but the ensuing pain was excruciating. I couldn’t even move my legs. I was paralyzed.

Now, hours later, I’ve managed to get up and move about in the apartment, but my body still feels at odds. It is as if the entire back side of my body (my back, my butt, my legs) is sore, while the front side (I don’t know, is this sensation even possible?) is completely functional. I can’t even walk properly without enduring some sort of pain, I basically waddle around like an old cripple.

And the worst part of all, I can’t think of a single reason as to why my body is acting this way. Yesterday, I had played in a Capture the Flag tournament, got a few scrapes and bumps, but nothing I haven’t handled before. Then later on that night I went out to a couple of bars, danced, did the usual. Nothing whatsoever that could possibly lead to me waking up at 7:41 in the morning completely paralyzed.

Sadly enough, the weather today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, warm, and beautiful. But the closest I could get to fully enjoying it was opening my window and basking in the warmth that would breeze through playfully. I feared that I would not even make it down the stairs to the outside world (going down a flight of stairs isn’t the problem, I’ve discovered – it’s going up the damn stairs), so I was left to bum around in the apartment all day. Hmph.

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