All your life you’ll dream of this

If it wasn’t so damn dangerous to be walking around campus at night by yourself, I would do it all the time.

I had to walk to the English building today for the usual Montage meeting, and it was at that time when the sun had already set but the sky was still a light sort of blue. The street lights were on, and it was chilly as hell, but it made for a nice brisk walk around campus. I had to walk through the Quad at one point, and needless to say, it is absolutely gorgeous at night. When the stars are out and the trees are swaying to the breeze… it put me in a good mood.

I also watched Cinderella today, the version with Brandy and Whitney Houston. I sang along to every song, every single word, as is my usual custom. 🙂 It’s truly my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ever. So glad I bought the DVD, but alas! I can’t seem to find the soundtrack online anywhere. Which is such a total shame, because I’d like to fall asleep listening to it tonight. Paolo Montalban’s voice is so entrancing.

One thought on “All your life you’ll dream of this”

  1. I have the soundtrack (somewhere)!!!! Wanna know who gave it to me? A direct cousin (not like, filipino-style “cousin”) of Paolo Montalban. Granted, it’s a burned copy, but I was very much in love with it for quite a few months!

    If I find it, I’ll get you a copy somehow.. Oddly enough, as soon as I read the title of this entry, I instantly broke out in song. O_o lol

    Glad I clicked your link; love the blog! =)

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